Selling Kostas Murkudis leather jacket with removable fur vest and gloves.

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    It's similar to the style made during Hedi's Dior era. A bit more regular fitting instead of the extreme tight shoulder and straight/narrow waistline, so plenty of room if you have some belly.

    It should fit 48 to slim 50. Tag size is 48 European. The designer used to work for Helmut Lang and the craftmanship is second to none.

    ASKING: 1100 SHIPPED GLOBALLY. Any question don't hesitate to reach out!
    3003D90B-B1E2-4C21-9E7B-23312C0465BA.jpeg 10F5682F-648B-48E7-909B-5E505A7EF6DD.jpeg 98D46A81-B5B8-4192-92DC-CBEF43F405CA.jpeg 5BE75230-3D78-4412-837B-69543E4EED8E.jpeg B2E297DB-32E6-42F9-B7F7-3321FE8AA765.jpeg E7E82CF4-A4C7-4AE0-8B14-98D03FDB7C41.jpeg 559FD9A8-1579-461D-BB9D-F11F0B11142B.jpeg E6484F89-39E5-4F4A-8362-2F86370003F0.jpeg 2921DDAB-E241-45BE-9005-4FBEA6B0D2D8.jpeg A3952351-9BC9-4FB2-899D-7F9DF3AAD0FD.jpeg 1287F87B-92D2-4602-A350-EFB912A6B166.jpeg 4FD4C341-C11C-4EB1-AE0D-9904745479E2.jpeg ADF69F77-1FA7-463F-99EC-6DBA680309FF.jpeg
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