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    I don’t know
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    He who dares Rodders, he who dares:

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    FWIW, i think this is pretty terrible.

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    The ShoomanThe Shooman what is your vintage source? spill the beans son.
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    The story behind my main source is not that special, and it certainly doesn't make for an interesting story. The purchases I have made are very significant and it has made my adventure into the highest end knitwear very glorious indeed, but the story behind my rise to glorious levels in the knitwear world isn't so impressive.

    Now.....comparing my rise in the knitwear world to my rise in the `shoo world', there is no comparison. My shoo stories are stuff of legend, and some stories are historic and monumental and truly ground breaking and legendary, but my knitwear stories are sooo ordinary.

    FriendCustomer: do you really want to spill the beans and take the gloss off my glorious rise into the upper echelons of the `knitwear world'? Note however,there will be some good stories of bespoke knitwear adventures in times to come, but evenstill, they will never match the stories from the `shoo world'. I had lots of very personally interactions in the `shoo world' and pioneered unheard of projects that took months and years to make happen, but to make these projects happen required a very unusual and specific person, AND it could only happen at a unique time in history, but now that time has passed. I finished my `shoo world' projects on the last day of the historical end of history of using the great old masters of Oz. They are all gone now.

    A glimpse into the private shoo world.
    Hand stitched 3,000 pairs of shoos in an Italian village, and Victoria's best shoe maker, yet few know his name.

    In the 1950's the rich ltalians bought machine made shoos while the poor wore handmade shoos. Many of the rich didn't want handmade shoes because a machine made shoe was considered being with the times.

    Regards old chap:The Shooman
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    The ShoomanThe Shooman I found another bloke in Melb with a Goodyear machine etc and 30 years experience - some in London.
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    Can you message me.

    I don't like using the term goodyear machine because it is misleading. The `so called' goodyear machines are mere outsole stitchers and aren't specially made to repair for goodyear welted shoes. Outsole stitchers sew both rands and welts to outsoles for fairstitch and goodyear welted shoos, and that is the only function. You won't find goodyear machines in any cobbler workshops in Melbourne.

    A true goodyear machine works with a welt where-as an outsole stitcher doesn't work with a rand or welt, it merely stitches a rand or welt in place to the outsole.

    This is a true goodyear machine: (my favourite video because of the music)

    Here is a common outsole stitcher most workshops and factories have:
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    Thanks. Is that a photo of the lengendary Mr. X? Wow! The stories that could be told.

    But I just wanted to know where one can buy the vintage sweaters of such quality, like the name of an eBay or etsy shop or something. Message me if you prefer.
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    No, but this is the legendary Mr X.
    Mr X 1.jpg

    I spent lots of time with Mr X and his family. I felt like part of the family. Mr X and I would talk about shoes for 6 or 7 hours on many many occasions and l would often leave well after midnight. He taught me lots of things about the shoo industry and pattern making and design and lasts and lots of things. Mr X also taught me the secrets of proper advanced shoe care. Mr X was part of the golden period of shoe making in Oz and was one of the last remaining legends. Now he is gone o/s, but l shall call his daughter and ask when he is coming back to visit.

    Mr X made me the only bespoke goodyear welted shoo to exist in Oz. He held up an entire factory production to specially make my shoo.

    The older man in the above in post #165 is from the very secret `shoo world', and much more hidden from public view than Mr X. The old man above made me my various hand stitched bespoke shoes along with trial shoes from the tools he used in the 1940's and 50's as an ltalian village teenage cordwainer. I was his only customer.

    I shall do. Sharing the wealth for others to gain benefit is something we all should do.
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    Very interested too. I might never access the secret shoo world. But in the nordic climate, a good sweater is very much appreciated and any pointers are welcome.
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    Messages sent.

    Got a nice decadent piece of knitwear today, the Loro Piana `baby cashmere' navy turtleneck. I wanted a nice navy turtleneck and wanted to see what the fuss is all about with the baby cashmere. At least l can say l have one now.
    Loro Piana baby cashmere 1.jpg

    A woman's vicuna hoodie. Almost $10,000.
    Loro Piana vicuna hodie.jpg
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    Skanky garment - but in a really expensive fabric.

    Probably aimed at someone in the entertainment industry who wants to appear ‘down with the kids’ or whatever the current phrase is.