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Coat in Holland & Sherry? Got a giacca made up in that. Did see the same fabric in another book too - can't remember where.
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Dont think so. That type of pattern is very typical of donegal tweed. Mine was deadstock found at tailors. It’s definitely overcoat weight and too heavy for a sport coat, unless you’re mad. Here is a picture of the cloth before it was made up.

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Fat Asian gimp with silly man bag purse and appalling taste in clothes.

One day Paully, and I really hope for your sake that the day comes soon, you’re gonna wake up and have an epiphany. The lightbulb will be lit and you’ll realise that it’s time to stop dressing up like you’re on the way to some geeky Star Wars convention (or whatever) and time to start dressing like a man.

You’ll rue the day you ever got sucked into the Cult of ridiculously expensive clothes that look like shit and fit where they touch, the Cult of paying vast amounts of money for items of at best questionable taste just because some slick carney barker has his name on the tag.

You’ll wear wool pants that actually touch your shoes, which will be leather lace ups not canvas glorified chuck taylors, you’ll throw out everything in your closet that is black except for your well fitting classically styled tux, and you’ll wear tasteful shirts and jackets, maybe even a few ties.

I’m pulling for you Paully, I believe you’ve got it in you, but like an addict you can only make the change for the better when you yourself decide to, you can’t be pushed into it.

Maybe on that day you’ll think back to that disagreeable twat on DW and think ‘maybe the old fucker was right after all’. Maybe.
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