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    StyleForum - Behind the Veil: Money, Politics & Bullshit

    nah not that much mate, I think it starts at around $600US per month (was half that when I was on there). It's far too expensive for a demo that's about 80% looking for bargains/sale stuff. I'd say the likes of NMWA would pay that sort of money though for all the extra publicity and...
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    Seconded. I wore mine yesterday after just washing and they are filthy again already. Navy would be nice. RB Sellers do a nice navy Moleskin with the nap on the inside for only about $80 though.
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    Bunch of cunts....
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    If a shirt and a jacket got drunk and had a root, then they had a baby which was dropped on it's head, that's exactly what it'd look like.
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

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    PItti 92

    I don't think I've ever seen a trade show with so many hangers on that are not there for any other reason than getting a photo taken/instagram likes etc. I guess that means they are people that are passionate enough about clothes their to pay their own way but it'd be bloody frustrating if you...
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    The Official Henry Carter Thread

    A while between posts fellas.... here's some of the fantastic new arrivals from Johnstons of Elgin for Winter down under. Most cashmere, some merino.
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    Whenever I see someone refer to themselves as an influener or some other stupid name I feel like they they are really just saying "I'm a complete flog". Or im too stupid to start my own business so I'll annoy lots of people who have businesses until they give me some free shit.
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    The knitwear thread

    Just cruising pretty much. I couldn't pass up stocking some of the great scarves this season. Otherwise I am re-stocking some grenadines on the tie side of things to keep going but no new designs/prints. I'll re-asses next year then what I do with the business as a whole. I'll post some of...
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    Disagreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    That's one scary looking bugger
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    The knitwear thread

    Nice thread. I'm always surprised that Johnstons of Elgin doesn't get much of a mention in the Scottish circles. Take what I say with a grain of salt because I sell their scarves and beanies but that's also given me the advantage of seeing it in the flesh over a few years now and it's...
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    Passaggio Cravatte - The Scandal Continues

    Do you believe it though? I'll put it out there he is (still) full of shit...
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    I just picked up a new pair of RM's moleskins for winter a few weeks ago. Nice and warm, jean cut with a mid rise and Australian Made. I remember getting some Moleskins from Luxire years ago when they first started out in a trouser cut and they cut them with the nap on the outside which picks...
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    The Wonderful World of Oz

    Too bloody hot, 41 the last 2 days here but just sitting outside enjoying a nice thunderstorm rolling through and a good 10 degree drop
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