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  1. Monkeyface

    Selling More CASHMERE for you elites!!

    100% cashmere, 100% elite! Yes, you read that right, this is pure Cashmere. Only £150 of your finest pounds. Another wolf in sheep's clothing. Might look like an old man jacket, but feels even softer than Leitmotif's potbelly! You will be able to walk among the masses without anyone suspecting...
  2. Monkeyface

    Selling Wool And Cashmere suit - AS SEEN ON DRESSEDWELL!

    Suitsupply Lazio 42R. £399 new, £289 for you lot. 90% Wool/10% Cashmere grey herringbone cloth by E Thomas. It's as soft as Leitmotif's potbelly, but holds a crease stiffer than Lord Buckley's upper lip. Nearly new, so neither pee nor blended whiskey stains like fxh's and Fwiffo's suits. Worn...
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