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  1. Rambo

    The Gun News Thread

    Figured we needed a central repository for these stories People are getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis this year
  2. Rambo

    Volkswagen's Dieselgate

    Anyone following this story: VW cheated on U.S. pollution tests for 'clean diesels' This was a good blog post on it: Pure evil, VW edition Pure evil, VW edition September 18, 2015 By Mark Kleiman @markarkleiman 16 Comments I don’t suppose we’ll never know how many people died –...
  3. prince nez

    The European Migrant Crisis...

    European members, please tell us you are safe - looks like things are getting pretty hairy over there. "This is Greece" - will the next video will be of ConchitaWurst saying "This is Dutchyland" as a refugee family is seen moving into his wardrobe?
  4. Rambo

    Why Is Health Care In America So Fucked Up?

    I read this bullshit in the NYT today: And had to wonder just why the fuck we put up with this shit in the good ole US of A. This line especially stuck me as poignant: The comments are also worth a read. Here's a...
  5. Rambo

    This Week In News That Makes You Doubt Your Committment To Humanity

    An ongoing thread in which we discuss the truly awful horseshit from around the world that makes you wonder why mass killings of certain people aren't legal. In today's dosage of awful...
  6. Rambo

    Kiev's On Fire - Protests In The Ukraine

    Anyone paying attention to this?
  7. Rambo

    On How The Planet's Going To Shit: The Undeniability Of Climate Change

    Welcome to the environment thread. All global warming, science, and related shit that's coming out recently has be morbidly depressed, so I figured it was worth collecting so that I can ruin everyone else's fucking day. Lets start with our lying jerkoff-in-chief and his stupid fucking ethanol...
  8. Rambo

    Asshole Politicans In The News

    We need a place to put some of the individual bullshit that's coming down the pipe while not lumping it in with the broader issues at hand, so here it is. I'm starting with this asshole: Tea Party Republican Defends...
  9. OfficePants

    Best Of Real Time w/Bill Maher, Last Week Tonight, The Daily Show, & Satirical News

    Repository for great clips from the show. :mog:
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