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  1. Grand Potentate

    The Black Phillip Show - Episode 12

  2. Grand Potentate

    The Black Phillip Show - Episode 1

  3. Thruth

    Was Sartodinapoli Responsible for you Joining DressedWell?

    Sarto has often made statements that he is responsible for 99% of members joining DW. Well, now it is time to test out that theory
  4. Thruth

    Sartodinapoli's iGent Dictionary

    As a service to members, I submit this thread which will serve as a living dictionary to enhance our language skills. members are encouraged to add to and grow this lexicon and keep it a dynamic flowing document. Jajajaja (alternatively jajajja) - a declarative, maniacal, affirmative almost...
  5. A

    Moderation Station

    Alright, here it is, the long requested return of TransMod. Still think this needs a better title.
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