1. Grand Potentate

    The DressedWell Dictionary

    Time we get a compendium going. I'll add all the official definitions to the OP. Thruth had a good one today when talking to Leitmotif - Schlomoitis. Thruth what's the official definition on that one?
  2. Thruth

    Was Sartodinapoli Responsible for you Joining DressedWell?

    Sarto has often made statements that he is responsible for 99% of members joining DW. Well, now it is time to test out that theory
  3. Sartodi Napoli

    SartodiNapoli's Farewell OR How the Jews & Homosexuals Ruined Me

    I quit from this homophobe forum. Only wackos post here.
  4. gambit50

    WWSD: What Would Sarto Do?

    Post a situation, real or imagined(if there is a difference), or merely pose a question and then speculate as to what the greatest untacky Aryan would do and receive the speculations from others about the same or if you are uber lucky you will receive the final truth version from the man of the...
  5. FriendCustomer

    fake tailors and craftsmen (who also happen to be tackies) Exposed

    ;-) My orginal post can be found here: I will fill in some more background when I have the time.
  6. Thruth

    Sartodinapoli's iGent Dictionary

    As a service to members, I submit this thread which will serve as a living dictionary to enhance our language skills. members are encouraged to add to and grow this lexicon and keep it a dynamic flowing document. Jajajaja (alternatively jajajja) - a declarative, maniacal, affirmative almost...
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