sartodi napoli

  1. Grand Potentate

    Pitti Uomo 93

    starts tomorrow. Styfo is having an “event” ABOUT This January, at Pitti Uomo 93 in Florence, Italy, Styleforum will be hosting its inaugural Maker Space. The Styleforum Maker Space is an open space designed to showcase the work of small brands and artisans...
  2. SodoSEmite

    Poll: What fake tiemaker do you hate most? Sartodi Napoli, Gianni Cacarruti, or Crap-elli

    Gianni cacarruti Crap-elli
  3. Grand Potentate

    The DressedWell Dictionary

    Time we get a compendium going. I'll add all the official definitions to the OP. Thruth had a good one today when talking to Leitmotif - Schlomoitis. Thruth what's the official definition on that one?
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