1. doghouse

    The Formula 1 Thread

    fxh , you down at the race this weekend? I feel another season of Mercedes dominance. Us yanks have a team on the grid too.
  2. InstaHate

    The iGent Cartoon Thread

    Some people are become so far gone they are not disagreeable. They are cartoons. Lino is now a cartoon. Nobody takes him seriously. Not even Lino takes Lino seriously. Lino is a raisin with a prodigious thumb. So this is a thread for Lino and those like him.
  3. E

    The Official Roycru Fan Thread

    Roycru of SF fame has gained more than a few fans thanks to the consistent quality of both his dressing style as well as of his dry comical writings. This thread is an attempt to collect the best of Roycru's brilliant SF posts. Starting off with his posts from last week and working backwards...
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