1. Darkside

    Shirt Collar Thread

    In the realm of #menswear shirting, I find the shirt collar to be of paramount importance. It serves as the canvas for which the tie and tie knot will be presented on. It frames the wearers' face and may exaggerate the horizontal proportions of a larger man, or complement the more chiseled...
  2. John Lee Pettimore III

    Best Cheap Workhorse Dress Shirt

    I'm in a suit-and-tie job, so I wear a dress shirt almost every day. I live in Florida, and usually walk to work, so the sweat and ring-around-the-collar grime adds up pretty quickly. I'm skinny (6'2, 170 lbs) and a big believer in a good fit, so I always buy slim fits. Surprisingly enough...
  3. Zé Ferreira

    The Canvas: A Proper-Fitting Shirt

    Nothing here yet addresses the palette on which MC and SWD operate - the shirt. Tonight, in light of Rambo posting the wonderful 29.50 CT deal, I thought about shirts and a discussion on your best-fitting, best quality-to-price ratio, etc. FWIW, having purchased a few Charles Tyrwhitt shirts...
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