1. C

    Slippers and house shoes

    Share your at home footwear options, if any. I currently wear a pair of Cole Haan Grant driving shoes in suede that do not see outdoor duty. 1. Do you eschew your "street shoes" when home? 2. If so, are you barefoot (if so skip this thread please) 3. If not, how are you shod? 4. If you are...
  2. Chorn

    George Orwell's Menswear Forum Nightmare (the pollution of the English language)

    SF likes terrible neologisms. I think it's probably just a forum thing. But I'm only familiar with SF stuff. Well, actually, this place has "tackys." But that's still fun. Anyway, what is the worst?
  3. Thruth

    The All-Inclusive Shoe & Boot Thread

    I'm surprised there is not a general footwear thread. Came across these recent group MTO offers and wonder what people thought 1. Carmina U-Cap Boot in Polo Suede Wondering what people think of this U-Cap design? Seems to have received enough people committing to buy as it has disappeared...
  4. W

    Shoe care

    I don't know much about clothing but might be able to contribute a little here when it comes to shoes. As a student I had a weekend job at a high-end shoe shop for several years where I picked up a few things. I made this video on spit-shining a shoe a couple of months ago and posted it on SF...
  5. Zé Ferreira

    WAYWT: Gentleman's Footwear

    Here, link/post your WAYWT photos specifically focused on shoes. No limits on brand, styling, construction, or materials. Just keep it classy.
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