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  1. Sartodinapoli

    SartodiNapoli's Farewell OR How the Jews & Homosexuals Ruined Me

    I quit from this homophobe forum. Only wackos post here.
  2. Russell Street

    All Things Gay Mafia Related

    ITT we consolidate coverage of the intolerant homosexualist lobby and their attempts to push their agenda on us all, stifle any disagreement and dissent with bullying, and label anyone with a different opinion as a hate-filled murderer while they advocate death for those not in lockstep with the...
  3. John Lee Pettimore III

    Sam Smith is white

    I don't mean to start your weekend off with a bombshell like this, but you'll hear about it soon anyway.
  4. Zé Ferreira

    Lawrence > Windsor. An Evolution in Homosexual Rights

    Disputed DOMA provision falls. Prop8 Petitioners have no standing. Slippery slope, HELLO!
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