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  1. Sartodi Napoli

    SartodiNapoli's Farewell OR How the Jews & Homosexuals Ruined Me

    I quit from this homophobe forum. Only wackos post here.
  2. E

    Agreeable Menswear Post Of The Day

    Everyone is welcome to post something menswear related that they appreciate, either an outfit or a good/informative/otherwise interesting post about menswear.To actually spawn discussion (and perhaps even some interesting insights), it's good if you motivate why you find the post agreeable...
  3. Zé Ferreira

    Superhero, Comic Book & Sci-Fi Cinema & News

    Rambo, feel free to combine the MoS thread with this one. Watching Avengers on Netflix today. Why weren't critics up in arms about the battle in and destruction of buildings in this one? NY gets just as wasted as Metropolis does in Superman. No attempt by the Avengers to take the Chutari to a...
  4. Zé Ferreira

    WAYWT: Gentleman's Footwear

    Here, link/post your WAYWT photos specifically focused on shoes. No limits on brand, styling, construction, or materials. Just keep it classy.
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