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  1. Grand Potentate

    The Black Phillip Show - Episode 12

  2. Grand Potentate

    The Black Phillip Show - Episode 1

  3. Noodles

    Review Of My Formosa Suit From NMWA

    The Formosa Suits via NMWA. The incident that left a bitter taste in my mouth occurred when I purchased the "untouchable" Sartoria Formosa Minnis grey Fresco suit. It arrived at my office and I checked the tag before proceeding to my tailor's shop. Why didn't I try it on? This is where I am...
  4. doghouse

    College Football Thread

    Alright, we seem to be missing a thread for the most important game in the history of ever. The Tide lumbered through a pretty average showing last night. Offense is pretty much same as it ever was, which is good enough, but D is still struggling w/ tempo offenses and really needs a second CB.
  5. Zé Ferreira

    Superhero, Comic Book & Sci-Fi Cinema & News

    Rambo, feel free to combine the MoS thread with this one. Watching Avengers on Netflix today. Why weren't critics up in arms about the battle in and destruction of buildings in this one? NY gets just as wasted as Metropolis does in Superman. No attempt by the Avengers to take the Chutari to a...
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