Accessories, Card Cases, Wallets, and Money Clips

Do you mainly carry cards or mixture of cards and cash or mostly cash?
Both. I usually carry a full card holder and roughly $50-60 in cash in the clip. Honestly, I could do without the cash most of the time but I feel naked without it. You never know when you need cash.
One of the most important messages was : Rich people work harder then poor people.
He's a cunt.
Just found these people. They make some neat looking shit

J.FOLD Official Online Store


Not a fan of stripes. Remind me of Adidas.

Do you usually keep your wallet in your back pocket or front? I won't go for bi-folds if they are on your ass. Uncomfortable and too attention seeking.
Here's an m-clip video. Not sure if I'm sold on the usability of it but having my money clip constantly sliding around my cash was definitely annoying

Dont like the textured metal. The first one is passable.

If you are going to by a clip, either polished aluminum or sterling. Much more elegant and beautiful.
It would be nice to have a see through bit for licence.

Any way I see a place sells the Bellroy just 2 ks from home.
well i like the card slots and i need a minimum of 4, plus storage space for miscellaneous cards. The one you have is basically a coin purse and the other one didn't have enough slots.

oh you are hard to please. you need 4 separate slots?
mind you I don't wear wallets out. But slimmer is better. Only thing I don't like about my current one is the colour. But I got it as a freebee from my brothers company about 5 years ago. I do like the idea of a slim minimalist wallet with basics inside a bigger one for those times when you need more.

I will not be swapping cards etc around. I like to grab and go knowing I have what I need. Transport card, CCs x 2, debit card - for cash withdraws, library, medical, licence plus cash notes. Coins /business cards in pocket.

I've never really understood why the bank can't put all my accounts on one card. Maybe they can these days - I haven't asked for a while. Would enable 2 x less cards.
I recently switched from money clip+card case to a money clip wallet similar to this one. Tumi has some reasonable options, if I recall.

I prefer not to flash the cash as much.
I have two pair of cufflinks from China via ebay from a while ago. They were shown plain, but one pair has counterfeit "if found return to Tiffany's" or whatever markings on them. Anyway, supposedly they are white copper, which is a slightly lighter, duller, yellower imitation silver. It tarnishes.
I remembered. I thought we could flesh out some more options with this though. And I'm glad I did because I'm finding shit that I didn't even know existed. My inner child (and outer child) need those Rawlings baseball glove cases in my life.

Yeah those are pretty rad.

I was just linking to remind you of the option. I might get Nitz to make me a laptop case here shortly.
Blue collar schtick. Is one really in danger of losing their wallet or prone to pickpockets? And a coat wallet is one of the joys of wearing a coat.
Back in the very early 90's, I think I had a Rawlings, or something else marked baseball glove leather, wallet. There was no red stitching like those AE mocassins, but it lasted a good ten years. Actually, I got it at Mark Cross which, at least in name, has been revived.

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