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Been a part of too many projects for technical work run by executives who think it's a pure arbitrage to replace talented engineers with less than minimum wage workers overseas. Always a nightmare to work and disaster in the end. And these were always multi-million dollar projects, so I never understood why a few extra thousand couldn't be afforded for local engineers who actually knew what they're doing...

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All too common now with complex and opaque supply chains with no one really accepting overall control of how it all works together. Across all industries rapidly globalizing. My understanding of the IT/software industries is that most companies will outsource at least some of the development to sub-suppliers in Eastern Europe, China or India. You think you're getting the hot shot dynamic dude and his team who came to see you from London, but actually they've outsourced it straight away overseas. No difference to the rag and other trades in that respect.

In the pipe, fittings and flanges industry it is estimated that over 20% of the products on the market are fake. Here's an industry led initiative:

From the article on Boeing it looks like they fell for the trap that Indian companies are operating at the same level of their Boeing system engineers and they could out source cheaply and effectively with no risk. Anyone's who visited the Indian Tiger can tell you it's still a caste ridden hell hole. But also looks like they've had no real skill set to deal with the globalized supply chain which remains high risk for bespoke manufacturing or R&D.


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What? You mean if I get 1000 $9/hr engineers in a room I can't deliver in 2 days what 2 proper engineers would in multiple years for the same project?
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