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Figured it was time for a watch thread. I was doing some watch hunting for CalTex and cam across a few new models that I was hot for:

New Tissot Le Locle Automatic with a sub-5 second hand and a left hand date dial:

The original Le Locle was one of my first budget automatics. They're really great watches for not that much money. Relatively speaking of course.

Next, Christopher Ward is releasing a special edition of his C9 Harrison jumping hour MKII watch, which looks sexy as hell:

I had a C5 Malvern Automatic as probably my very first watch. He makes amazing pieces for relatively little money.
I don't wear watches because they interfere with the wearing of my #menswear bracelets. I get my bracelets bespoke so that I can properly layer them up my forearm.
My dress watch is a Movado. Stainless 38mm Classic Museum with concave dot. The Dane Cook of dress watches. But the funny thing is, everywhere I go, people compliment me on it.


I really like that Ward.
I don't have a big watch collection and according to SF are poor men's watches but I overpaid for them. I bought them in Mexico City so we don't get discounts plus at a $13.5 peso per dollar, well it's not cheap. Haha.

This was my first real watch. I bought it when I was 16 and I was a massive F1 fan. I uto spent hours looking at this watch in the stores until I got it.


Then when I graduated from school my mom and my sister gave me this as a gift. The original strap was black but since i don't wear a lot of black I changed it.



And my latest addition is this one. I bought it as a representation of leaving being empleyed to being self-employed. So watches for me kinda mark a special event in my life. I hope to have a lot more.


I have three Movados...all museum. (Black leather, brown lizard, and metal)

I love them. As far as cheap, cheap watches...I like the look of Skagen a lot. I'd pick up a few if I ever wore watches (I wear them less than 4-5 times a year)
Saw this one a few weeks ago... it's amazing!

A. Lange & Söhne Grand Complication

Look at that...





This Longiness. I love it. This one has to be my next watch.

Longiness Master Chronograph

I was watching some watches yesterday and saw this Jaeger LeCoulture... oh shit! Wow!


I can't find pricing info, but I must assume that I could buy a Spyker for about the same amount.

How much is the Spyker? The watch is $234,000 usd. I mean when you have money to buy that kind of watch, the car is the least of your problems, I guess.
I thought I was paraphrasing a gag about financing an exotic car, but I flubbed it up a tad. Three years ago a Spyker was just a hair under $300K, so I wasn't far off.
The comparison fails to consider the fundamental reason people buy cars in this price range: boredom. A Spyker customer might be weighing the C8′s pros and cons against a motor yacht, a light aircraft, or a high-end tourbillon watch.
Hey guys,

I was given a couple of antique watches by my girlfriend to sell on eBay. How do I go about making this a successful sale? I want to get the most from it I can.
Can you get them appraised locally first? eBay is not necessarily the most profitable route but the advice is the same as for selling everything else. Take excellent photos, load up on the right keywords and make the listing findable. Choose a starting price that is tolerable to you but low enough to attract watchers that may bid. Have the listing end on a Sunday night around 8pm.
Ebay is ridiculous with the fees and all, so do your homework there. With auction, you can have rival bidders go nuts on each other and get a surprisingly high sum.

Be as thorough as possible. List mechanism, make, model, color, size etc. Fill out every conceivable info field. Sniff out the competition for pricing and keywords.

With either style, you can start with an optimistic price and then relist at a lower one if it gets no takers.
This was my first real watch. I bought it when I was 16 and I was a massive F1 fan. I uto spent hours looking at this watch in the stores until I got it.

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Hey, I have that watch! It's my daily wearer, have it on right now. It's beat to absolute shit since I wear my watch 24/7/365 and use it for sailing which is brutal on any gear. It has a very special place in my heart, since I sailed on the Tag racing catamaran as a kid and was enamored from that point on. It's tied with an IWC MkXII for my favorite watch (though some of the new A Lange & Sohnes are piquing my interest).


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Don't know where to put these but how cool are they! I posted them on Instagram and some guys wrote me that they can make them for me in any movement I want and they work! They include the crown, balance wheel and all that.

Aight, WDWV - you have piqued my interest. Tonight I started looking for an Omega Seamaster with no previous knowledge except that Bond wore one in Casino Royale. Found a lot of ones claimed to be "vintage" from people with 100% feedback (watches dated anywhere from the 30s - 70s). Give me a beginner's rundown on what to look for when ebaying a watch - just an overall tutorial on the subject.

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You too? I just want to know if I'm buying a piece of crap or not. I obviously can't spring for a 5k newly minted thing with all the dials and levers, but c'mon.

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