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I’m pretty sure Omega applied for MOD approval to use the Broad Arrow, based on their lineage or something. Now everyone just slaps in on the dial! 😡

That’s pretty cool:

I've been digging the new Rado Anatom

Yet another budget faux-military watch:

I rather like the look of this one, though there is too much text on the dial. ‘Naval Watch Company’ (a play on the legit CWC or Cabot Watch Company name) sounds a little ridiculous, but what really astounds me is the way everyone just slaps a broad arrow on their watches these days.
I'm usually not a big fan of Porsche Design, but I quite like this one. Not 10 grand like, but it is quite nice looking.


New Apple Watch face. How long before Rolex release a limited number of faces for download to existing customers for the special low price of $999?
Breitling? A canny buy. I know Hong Kong diplomats who sport Breitling before other ranges. It says you cannot be bought.

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