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What are your faves? Aside from the basics, of course (twitter, fb, etc...).

I've got a soft spot for Yo, Clash of the Clans, Word Search, Pushups
Monument Valley is a gorgeous game, and fun to play with its Escher style landscape puzzles, but it's very short (only 10 levels so far). If you can find it on sale I'd highly recommend it. You can probably blow through it in a few hours.
Soundhound is more accurate than Shazam.

Some game reviews if anyone's interested:

Two Dots - completely rigged for you to spend money and/or throw your phone.

Blek - a little too much like handwriting and requires you to be a bit too precise with the fingers. Not good for those with fat fingers.

Duet - cool music but exceptionally aggravating. A good challenge.

Bicolor - pretty easy so far but a good quick time waster.
WGT Golf.

I don't play in real life, but this is not bad on the iPad mini.
Most mobile productivity apps leave a lot to be desired when compared to their full computer-based counterparts.

I use Concur to submit expense claims as the organization uses it (Concur is owned by SAP) but i have to say that I use the mobile version far more than I use the computer version. Especially for approving travel authorities and claims, the mobile version kills the computer version.

Same for the mobile version of LinkedIn.
Was at a public health (population health) seminar the other night on new media etc in popn health. As an aside one of the panel's orgs had tested around 50 apps that calculate BAC, out of about 200 known ones, and none were accurate. None were the same answers even. One even claimed to breathalyser by breathing into the phone mic. Not a joke one.

Seminar was great. Any decent research shows its mostly hype and marketing and evidence is not just weak about effectiveness of Facebook, Twitter, apps, even forums, it's worsen than weak.

But great potential in African underdeveloped countries for use of non networked non smart old mobiles.

Random factoid: Australia has 108 mobiles for every 100 people!
The new Outlook email app is killer. It's replaced Boxer as my email app of choice. Highly recommended.
Is there way to use WhatsApp without involuntary disclosure of my contact list? I'd rather not make a telephone directory donation just to chat with one woman.
Android or iOS?

Okay, Android. I read somewhere they take your rolodex so they can match other people and you don't really have any control over it.

Cheers for the mobile game link, I almost thought it was your homegrown creation, but it looks like it's just Sylvester Stallone.

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