Agreed, it was a little bit weaker than the previous 7 or 8 episodes, but when you've been killing it, coming down a step isn't the end of the world.

Coked up Krieger was hilarious.
A little dull until Archer's cocaine dream, but dammit if it isn't good to have this show back.

"Doctor Bunson Honeydoo! Thank God!! That was figuratively killing me."
Anyone see episode 2? I completely forgot it wasn't on Thursdays any more and missed the episode on Monday. Not too great but coked up Pam was funny.
Meh. Either the show is losing steam or I'm getting bored with it. The repeat jokes are getting rote. And we need to see Cheryl getting pounded more.
I was laughing my ass off at the Price Is Right music on the phone. Then the Japanese guy did it and bowed afterward!

I'm loving this new season so far. Sucks that there's no new episodes for almost a month.
Anyone know where i can watch the latest series online? Won't be shown on british tv for like 15 years.
Its back! Great episode. I almost choked to death when I saw what Krieger & Ray's special project was.
Anyone see this week's episode? One of the weaker ones this season, but still some funny moments. "Can you imagine banging in that thing? Why yes, Archer, yes I can."

"No, Kenny Loggins, there's no way to make up for almost killing me over a briefcase full of, what I can only assume is plutonium, or a human soul."
The Pam and coke thing is getting old. Move on writers.
The whole season has been kind of a letdown so far. I mean, its still better than 99% of the TV out there, just not the hilarity that we're all used to.

Almost done with season 2 of Psych. Gotta admit, I'm enjoying it much more than I thought I would.
There were some good moments in the episode where they panned Smokey and the Bandit, but the cocaine jokes are pretty endless and getting more trite.
Tonight's episode blew. I have no idea what they're doing with this storyline any longer. Admittedly, Krieger freaking out was funny.
Shane the tiger!!!

Archer's face when he saw the tiger was hilarious. And that was a good episode. Next week is the season finale. Hopefully, it'll go out on a high note.
Thought the season finale was really good. Archer continually calling Lana 'buddy' and not being willing to look at her vagina had me cracking up. The interplay with Mallory and the CIA was a nice twist as well.

Are they setting up Krieger to not be the original but a clone? Or was that just him acting dumb?

Ray's disappointment at not being able to hit on Slater was the highlight.
last night's Archer was fucking hilarious. i was dying watching Krieger do his kung fu jedi schtick through the whole fight.
last night's Archer was fucking hilarious. i was dying watching Krieger do his kung fu jedi schtick through the whole fight.

I dunno, I thought this season would have more Magnum PI influences like the trailer showed.

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