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I sometimes think I'd like to go back. I was there 15 years ago when I didn't even know how to work a camera; I remember it rained almost the entire month of August. I wouldn't know nowadays... As much as I'd enjoy shooting long exposures of Rotterdam or Amsterdam's train stations I'd probably get pickpocketed before I knew it.
You were pretty unlucky with the weather as August tends to be the height of summer with a very good chance of excellent weather.

Amsterdam's central station is pretty much a place you get out as quick as you can, been a few stabbings, lots of druggies and pickpockets but nothing remotely on the scale of the likes of Milan's central station.

Amsterdam is one big tourist trap these days, it use to be very seasonal, but now the crowds are all year round. But it is a good city as regards getting into the museum quarter in a car and out without severe traffic. Rotterdam has some interesting parts, but equally a number of problem areas as does The Hague and Amsterdam. I prefer several of the provincial towns at street level: Maastricht, Leiden, Delft, Dordrecht, et al. There's also really great forested areas to the east of the country around Arnhem way. But like most western European cities the move is away from the distinct to the bland uniform city of the future. A word you don't hear much anymore and that is ''Cosmopolitan''. I find the cities less sophisticated and more dumbed down and less intriguing to visit. Getting grotty in parts, particularly Rotterdam and The Hague. Amsterdam less so. Still nothing on the scale of some of the UK cities.


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These last couple seem to have more depth. I know nothing of cameras - but was it a completely different camera? Or just different settings?
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