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Don't know if these threads will survive past the beta testing stage, but.

My question:
Wearing my first double breasted jacket today (Huntsman rtw picked up on StyFo B&S). When standing, I should keep the jacket buttoned at all times. When sitting, do I just unbutton the visible button while leaving the jigger fastened, or should I be unbuttoning both?
This is basically what I ended up doing. It felt very odd sitting in it, I didn't like having to rebutton it every time I stood up, so I just kept it off most of the day. Still...I'm in love and want another.
If I might probe deeper a bit - where does the idea of a DB come from? I've always found them to be more awkward looking than SB jackets, and short of the need to constantly reinvent the wheel (read: PROFIT!) in the fashion industry, just plain don't get how they've come back into style.
I always associate them with The Untouchables.
No, not at all. In retrospect it wasn't the greatest decision now b/c of rare shell shortages, but was debating buying a pair of Ravello NST boots from Namor when he had them up for sale a year or so ago. The design just looks overly casual and I don't appreciate it.
If he's going off to college that nice pen is going to be lost really quickly. Pens generally make better gifts for those whove settled down. I think the wallet is a great idea.
He's just trying to drum up business for himself. He revels in the irony of trying MIP cases while intoxicated. It's sort of like a race for him; can he wrap up the case before passing out.

I have a grey tweed sportcoat that I got from JCrew this winter which I love in every way, except... it doesn't have any "sweat catcher" fabric lining the underarms inside the coat. I'm not sure how to describe it. Any suit jacket I own has a piece of fabric layered over the interior of the underarm, which I assume is used generally to deal with persperation and prevent it from soaking through the jacket, making the underarm stuffy/smelly, etc.

Does anyone know 1) what this is called and 2) how I could go about getting some "pads" put in?

Tailor is an obvious answer, but if it's a quick stitch, I've kind of been itching to try myself.

EDIT: also, a quick question about storing a Waxed Cotton Jacket (Barbour International). With warming temps, I've put the coat away, but want to see how others store theirs to best maintain the wax and condition of the coat; don't want to have to rewax every winter.

I've just thrown it in a spare zip-up garment bag and left it hanging. Anything I should be aware of otherwise?
College. Staying true the Big Ten bloodlines my sister and I set forth except he is going to the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and not MSU like I was pushing for.

fuck a gift. take the boy to vegas with you when you go back. or send him on a trip somewhere.
Given what they were wearing, I think you're probably fine. OCBD can be a little odd with a suit...but I think it's pretty firmly established in American wear. I know that when required to suit up, a lot of scientists working in government/public research institutes tend to go for OCBD.

Everything looks good. No tie dimple makes me sad though.
Did I break a cardinal rule wearing a blue OCBD to a job interview under a charcoal suit.

Granted its an engineering job and the two people interviewing me were wearing dockers and polo shirts.

I wasn't aware that this was a possible rule-breaking... explain?
OCBD's are casual; they can be worn with a country suit very easily. The more city a suit, the more out of place an OCBD becomes. With a sack suit, which is looser and more American, an OCBD works without issue. A more European suit with a finer cloth, an OCBD may look a little out of place.

I can't see what kind of suit he's wearing, but the tie is "trad" in my mind, so it definitely works with the OCBD in a suiting context. If he's wearing a sack suit, then there is zero problem. If he isn't wearing a sack suit, then there is like the tiniest of problems that nobody but the most anal of interviewers would notice or care about. Given his field and what the interviewers wore, I'd say there wouldn't be any issue.
What case should I get for my iphone? Prefer something slim and not a sleeve.

JohnGalt I got this for my 5 and I've already convinced 5 other people to get one. Its REALLY slim, has no overlap on the sides, yet still protects.

Textures, textures, textures. Chorn is correct in his thinking. Oxfords are a casual wear it with a blazer but with a finer wool or something like that it just looks off but like you said they were engineers they prolly thought you looked good .

Yup. Mauro beat me to it.
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How should one properly clean a suit at home? I know excessive dry cleaning is bad, but I also remember reading that steamers will actually sound a death knell for jackets?

I'm a sweater, and specifically yesterday I sweated through the armpits of a navy suit. There's a slight discoloration there now, and I'd like to clean the sweat out to prevent smell, fabric rot, etc. my first instinct was to steam the jacket on our home steamer. Is this a no go?
Steaming doesn't clean, but depending on the jacket, you can safely steam the arms and the back (or at least the lower back) of the jacket where you have the most wrinkles.
sweating all the way though a suit is pretty extreme. Antiperspirant, undershirts, cutting caffeine, losing weight...

Trust me, I know it's crazy, but it's just been an uncurable problem for years. Antiperspirant makes my underarms sweat more, I do wear an undershirt, I don't drink soda, and am not overweight (actually very health conscious).

I sweat beyond anything I've ever seen, and just don't know what's up.
Grand Potentate Grand Potentate interesting. I will. Even with my Prime account I usually buy that type of thing at Target or the grocery store.

@Lonestar,k:unscented deodorant&keywords=unscented deodorant&ie=UTF8&qid=1366486633 deodorant&Go.x=0&Go.y=0&CSRFToken=dYbDGlXgMGHW10k/bQU6pgPfcztd+Uzk3xacVVpBAio=

DO NOT BUY TOMS. TOMS SUCKS. Also, been trying out the Mitchum Smart Shield. Its only meh. I think Arm & Hammer makes the best options here.
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Lonestar I know the Bed Bath stores that have toiletry sections have a few. I think Walmart carries the unscented Arm&Hammer. Target not too sure about. Obviously buy one to try. None of them are over $4 retail either.
I found switching to a regular deodorant and not using anti-perspirant actually caused me to sweat less.

I think I halfway said the same thing: antiperspirants make me sweat more than just regular deodorants. I agree though.

Have you tried prescription anti-perspirant? Drysol (or its generic equivalent) works quite well. Botox also does wonders.

Haven't gone the prescription route just because of how over-the-counter stuff makes it worse. Have heard of botox, but half worried that if I cut off one access point (underarms) it'll all come pouring out of some other unsightly place... :iamdetermined-63:
Zé Ferreira Zé Ferreira Well, functionally, if you're going to sweat, its GOT to come out of some other spot. So if you plug up your underarms then your back will become sweaty, chest, etc.. The water's got to go somewhere.

The prescriptions are applied overnight, so they don't fuckup your application of deodorant. If you want to try a light version of the prescription strength, go to the drugstore and look for Certain-Dry
How fastidious are people about sweaters? I am packing mine up for the season but I realize the sleeve lengths are all over the place; mostly too long. I cheat by rolling up the cuff but what would a proper gentleman do?

I have no specific preferences for brands and some are gift items. I always wear a dress shirt underneath.
I don't wear them enough to have ever bothered having the sleeves shortened on mine. I generally will roll the cuff once.
How fastidious are people about sweaters? I am packing mine up for the season but I realize the sleeve lengths are all over the place; mostly too long. I cheat by rolling up the cuff but what would a proper gentleman do?

I have no specific preferences for brands and some are gift items. I always wear a dress shirt underneath.

Do you just have short arms?
I'm short in general but sure. Jackets at 23.5" usually. Maybe maybe 24". So no one really gets their sweaters altered. Okay.
Who makes a decent, light-ish weight carryall or duffle bag.

I have a medium filson duffle. It's fucking heavy when loaded. Hell, even empty the thing weighs 6lbs.

Ideally it would not be leather but open to suggestions.

At risk of being exposed, I've been seriously debating this from JCrew just based on initial instinct (I have no comparisons for cost or quality; just like how it looks and is marketed.

What exactly is gothninja? Analysis + pictures would be appreciated.

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