Australians now they are coming for you


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PETA Credlin. Lol. Roflmao

Shes a total nut. Also SKY. Lol.


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PETA Credlin. Lol. Roflmao

Yes. Credlin, Rowan Dean and Andrew Bolt earn their keep by feeding their audience a diet of exaggeration and distortion and, when they're called out on it, then cry that they are being censored.

Bolt lost a Federal Court hearing because he grossly misrepresented the factual backgrounds of some people he maligned in one of his written pieces, but even though it was proven that Bolt was guilty of deliberate misrepresentation, the decision is still a cause celebre amongst certain conservative elements in Australia as proof that you can't speak your mind. The fact that if Bolt had simply stuck to the facts, he wouldn't have ended up in court seems to elude them.


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Who is exactly is “classified as a convict” now?

It’s certainly a colourful legacy that outsiders latch onto, but the truth is that very few Australians are descendent from convicts. Most migrants to Australia came willingly, over the past two hundred years.

Finding a Fennian rebel convict in your family is hitting genealogical gold for most Australians. As cool as that would be, most trace their roots back to one of the migrant waves that followed.
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