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1. What pen was used to write this list?
2. Do you worry about autotoxicity by maintaining fecal waste stagnant in your digestive tract? Also, colon impaction?
3. Save water by minimizing flushing. The planet will love you and stuff.
Its clear you need a new game to play. Might I suggest Threes? It makes for excellent bowel movement time passage.
If you have not excreted yet, be concerned. Also, if no flatulence has occurred in a day, get to a hospital as your bowels may literally be knotted up.
This thread is threatening the #2 tips and tricks thread. I may have to make a phone call.
i decided to buy the shorter squatty potty to test out, if anyone's interested in this sort of thing.
To enlarge on my response above, I've used plenty of squat toilets in various parts of Asia, from very civilised ones in Japan to appalling ones in SE Asia.

The worst that I can recall was in Kupang, in West Timor. I was staying at a place called the "Sea Breezes" - which should really have been called the "Sewer Breezes" - and the combined bathroom/toilet was a concrete room with a hole in the floor and a large container of cold water with a bucket beside the wall. If you wanted a "shower", you stripped down and poured the cold water over yourself. If you needed to answer the call of nature, you dropped your trousers and used the same hole in the floor that served as a drain, and you then splashed water over your backside to rinse off. [Side note - toilet paper isn't widely used in much of SE Asia - you use water instead and wipe off with your left hand. As a result, it's impolite to eat or to touch anyone with your left hand.]

Anyway, the drain hole in the floor was "L" shaped - it went down and then became horizontal and emptied out of a hole in the wall below the Sea Breezes, straight into a creek that flowed past the side of the building. When the tide was in, it was a very picturesque creek, with the sun glittering on the rippling water, the flowering bougainvillea over-arching the sides of the creek, the Indonesian soldiers marching three-abreast across the bridge over the creek just next to our building...

When the tide was out, though, it was awful. The results of your ablutions simply spewed straight out of the hole and plopped down on to the sandy floor of the creek, where it then sat for a couple of hours before the tide came back in and washed it away. In the meantime, swarms of rats would emerge and feast upon the detritus on the exposed creek-bed, including anything flushed out of the bathrooms. We had a direct view of the creek from the little balcony in our room and the breezes wafted the smells straight in to us, too...
I find squatting > sitting in terms of increased throughput. But part of it may be the hurry - up factor of pooping in the neighborhood in the early a.m.

Wait - this is Doom Isle. I poop where I like.
Unless you shit yourself in public, there are no cons to dropping a log.

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