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Why do coat pocket depths vary so? Particularly that chest pocket that one stuffs with a pochette?
My observation, oddly, is that RTW ones are deeper than bespoke. I have no idea why, and this is a painfully small sampling involving only one tailor.
Please validate, explain.
Let me rephrase then...what's up with these 17" pocket squares? Is that so you have a parrot sticking out, or do some people have more ahem room to stash such things?
Does my tailor know that I won't be stuffing pens or sunglasses in thar?
My Isaia patch pocket suit my sunglasses stick out most of one whole lense while my or Luigi Bianchi Mantova suits and fake suits engulf almost the entire frame which I like. Feel too Pittiful when I put my sunglasses in Isaia pocket.
I have a knock off RLBL where somehow every pocket including the chest pocket is deeper than what they were asked to copy.

It gives me a chance to fold my squares to fit the jacket and to fuss about it if it's too big and the square keeps disappearing on and off all day.

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