Clothing Deals Of The Week

Pretty good Kamakura deal in the RSS feed: 3 shirts for $100.
Raen sunglasses 40% off this week, which puts most of them at the $100 mark.

4 July sales are pretty disappointing this year. Did anyone else find something good?
I’ve bought a few knits from this place and they are very good for the price. Now doing a 30% off sale and $10 off if you join the mailing list

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What did you buy?

I have a thick Donegal fleck fisherman sweater with suede elbow patches I got there a few years ago. It’s wonderfully thick and dripping with lanolin.

I thought I also got a submariner jumper from them, but that might have been another shop.
Bronson are doing an up to 20% off sale, though a lot of sizes are out.
Aero have a new website up and are offering 10% off everything. Worth noting that they are making some nice accessories, knitwear, cord and tweed trousers in-house, as well as all the leather jackets.

Always a good deal on M12 ( made in England) Fred polos in the US, currently have a 25% off code on site banner:

Sweaters half off at BB. Looks like you can stack a code with it:

Another 20% sale at the BDSM shop.

It’s basically mall quality menswear with a better fit range and better cloth.

I’ve heard customer support is in the toilet, so if you need to make a return expect long delays and frustration. People still grumble about QC, but it’s probably still on par with the Lands End and Charles Tyrwhitts of the world.

My highlights/lowlights:

Steer clear of any of the shirts that aren’t purple label. Even then, quality is just ok, but the selling point for me is the ESF - great for genuine slim fits and also for thicker necks.

High rise side-tab trousers are cool. Avoid the slim fit. Even the contemporary fit is really too slim for my taste, though the including a reverse plate helps the top block - I still find the taper at the calf too aggressive.

They have some really nice fabrics in the sale: moleskin, cords, cavalry twill, covert, herringbone tweeds (my fave), linen-cotton, flannel, donegal, and a few of the summer fabrics in odd sizes. Hard to find some of these ‘Brit style’ fabrics over here at these prices. VBC, Abraham Moon and Brisbane Moss at mall prices.

There are a few rugby jumpers, polos and other things I’m the sale that might be worth adding to the cart on a gamble, but nothing that stands out to me and I would keep my expectations low.

Knitwear is not on sale now, but this is something worth keeping an eye on. I really like their sweaters. Soft and very thin - ideal for layering in a heated office. Surprisingly little pilling. I’ll probably get another turtleneck and try one of the new deep Vs when they go on end-of-season clearance.

Good pre-sale deal on Rancourt, if you aren’t in a rush.

Ideal slip-ons to wear with shorts to the office 😁
Good pre-sale deal on Rancourt, if you aren’t in a rush.

Ideal slip-ons to wear with shorts to the office 😁
I think you made a mistake there it said “wear shorts to office” you might want to edit
You really going for the professor look?
All kidding aside, it’s not really anything new. I’ve always had a thing for winter English country stuff - tweeds, cords, moleskin, Barbour, etc. But hopefully not in a Tattersall, plus fours and retriever tie cosplay way.
Stag is doing 50% off everything in the Sale section. Looks like they have a good range of sizes. A lot of the brands are unknown to me, but I bought an Alex Mills sweater from them a while ago and love it.

This one:

The Schott cardigan might be worth a try. Some polyester and yak in the mix though:

No idea what the shoes are like as they are all normal widths, but this is a pretty good deal if you need to stock-up on Saphir and other shoe-care stuff:


There’s also a $50 off first purchase deal, but might not be stackable.
Disturbingly half of Oslo, dresses straight out of the Cavour catalogue.
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Disturbingly half of Oslo, dresses straight out of the Cavour catalogue.
Some of it is definitely icky but a lot of the basics look nice, so does that mean that a third of Oslo is well dressed?
Good brand, though a lot of the popular models are not in the sale:

30% off all frames this summer:


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