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poor doghouse doghouse . really didn't understand that final play in overtime.

the centre shotgun snapped like shit the entire game so calling the QB keeper was dense since timing is everything. it was a shitty snap.

How that guy was the best option at center for Alabama I will never know. There were like 6 botched snaps, at least 4 of which were back to back. Mind boggling
Yeah, saw that. End of an era. There's a rumor his wife's health just went bad, but I don't know the veracity.
Well he’s 70 for fucks saks. You think he knows anything about these zoomer kids or how to relate to them? Seems kind of like he’s been slipping from his perch at the top lately as well.
he does have some good experience and success through division and coaching ranks. some recency bias because of the last 2 years at UW
His record at SD is pretty ridiculous. He can definitely coach, it's really a question of all tge other shit that goes into a big time program

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