Cop Tyranny Thread

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@rambo you may have seen him in the videos above, but if not, you might thoroughly enjoy the mud wizard of Lützerath:


Wow, fast and decisive action taken. What’s different about these officers?



Whew. Not black on black violence.

“Davis has insisted that the chilling incident did not involve race. Nichols is black, as are the five charged cops. In 2021, the Memphis force had about 56% black officers in a city that is about 65% black, according to a Fox TV affiliate. “

Timeline of medical aid for Nichols​

8.36pm: The police beating concludes and Nichols is in handcuffs.
8.41pm: Paramedics arrive on the scene.
8.47pm: Paramedic asks Nichols what drugs he took. Nichols is unable to speak and gurgles in response.
For another 10 minutes they stand by as he twitches on the pavement.
8.57pm: Paramedics begin rendering some kind of aid, appearing to bandage Nichols.
9pm: Ambulance arrives to transport Nichols

Apparently, the 2 paramedics are on administrative leave.
On NBC news last night - Christy Lopez: "I think that sometimes these officers, black police officers, latino police officers, can feel a real pressure to show that they part of a team and to distinguish themselves from the communities that are really being dehumanized that they are actually policing."

It's not their fault. They're being pressured by other (possibly coloured) people.

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