I was at my university for an alumni dinner and sat across an 18 year old in her first year. She barely had any in person classes in her 4 years of high school. Hopefully she makes it up by living in residence on campus.
They just turned off the app though. Here they are cancelling government reimbursed coronavirus sick days. They become regular sick days you need to ask your employer. It was all a figment of our imagination.
Florida Science™️


"'Yesterday, the Emergency Committee met for the 15th time and recommended to me that I declare an end to the public health emergency of international concern. I've accepted that advice. It is therefore with great hope that I declare Covid-19 over as a global health emergency,' Dr Tedros said."

It's over...all thanks to the leadership, science, planning, expertise and tireless efforts of the WHO.

What a surprise
Comparing excess mortality across countries != looking at excess mortality within a country over time
In a win for the Covidiots in state government, this years funding bill included a rider that we are forbidden from recommending vaccines for Covid 🤦‍♂️

Numbers of suspected adverse events (SAEs) after BNT612b2 mRNA vaccination in Denmark (27 December 2020–11 January 2022) according to the number of doses per vaccine batch. Each dot represents a single vaccine batch. Trendlines are linear regression lines. Blue: R2 = 0.78, β = 0.0898 (95% confidence interval [CI] 0.0514–0.1281), green: R2 = 0.89, β = 0.0025 (95% CI 0.0021–0.0029), yellow: R2 = 0.68, β = 0.000087 (95% CI 0.000056–0.000118). Vaccine batches representing the blue, green and yellow trendlines comprised 4.22%, 63.69% and 32.09% of all vaccine doses, respectively, with 70.78%, 27.49% and 47.15% (blue trendline), 28.84%, 71.50% and 51.99% (green trendline), and 0.38%, 1.01%, and 0.86% (yellow trendline) of all SAEs, serious SAEs, and SAE-related deaths, respectively.

Batch-dependent safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine​

Max Schmeling, Vibeke Manniche, Peter Riis Hansen


of course i follow everything covid related. what are you looking for an update on?
Long covid, real-world evidence. I think by now there should be good estimates for how it affects people. Disabilities, early retirements, etc
Long covid, real-world evidence.
well its been documented six ways from sunday by now. you still don't believe its real even after all the people having their lives ruined by this???

I think by now there should be good estimates for how it affects people.
well if you're looking for a double blind study where they infect healthy people with covid in the hopes that it gives them long covid, i don't know if we're ever going to see THAT type of estimate.

it does seem to vary from person to person in some manner of fashion but the baselines seems to be an inability to recover their normal lives in any tangible way.

Disabilities, early retirements, etc
again, i don't know if we'll ever truly get those numbers, mostly given to how god awful the disability system is here in the states. they will do everything possible to keep you off of disability, and i do mean everything. long covid has yet to be classified as a disability. i'm honestly not sure it ever will...

here's some articles i grabbed quickly:

my favorite one for you, mostly because it requires very little comprehension:

you should like this one:

and lastly, where are the trials?:

i hope this reading will help keep you from posting any of your stupid cocksucking questions for at least a little while.

another good one for you:

you know it must be real when businesses are complaining about it!:

the CDC!

on the disability front:

14% of americans estimated to have some form of long covid!:

1% of all children!:

this sounds completely made up... maybe a study will help prove it:

long covid making people homeless:

interesting article

very interesting, must all be faking it...:

2 years! must all be a bunch of malingerers:

$45 million for fake treatment clinics!:

I have now read pretty much everything, except for the last six articles which I'll read later. Some of them were interesting and some even adressed my question, which wasn't formulated precisely enough. How many people are affected, to which extent and for how long still seems to be fairly uncertain.

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