Cotton v's wool v's linen in summer

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When it comes to wool v's cotton socks the difference is like night and day. Wool keeps the feet fresh and dry where-as cotton doesn't do near as good a job. When it comes to wearing cotton v's cashmere polos the difference is even bigger; a cotton polo can only be worn once before it needs washing where-as a cashmere polo can be worn numerous times and still feel and smell fresh.

Cotton and Linen trousers in summer
Cotton is not as fresh at the end of the day.
Linen is better, but it is still not fresh at the end of a hot day.

Are tropical weight wool trousers better to wear in summer instead of linen? ie, do they look better at the end of day, and are they fresher?

I am thinking about wearing light weight wool trousers in Summer, but will they be too warm?
What are people's experiences with wool v's cotton v's linen?

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Tropical wool and frescos are very light and cool. Not as soft as a nice winter flannel, but not a bad trade-off. Best of all it doesn’t wrinkle too badly while still holding a crease.

Wiser people than me on this forum steered me away from pure linen to linen-cotton blends (30-50% cotton) for the best combination of staying cool without wrinkling up like an old fish and chip wrapper.


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The openness of the weave and looseness, eg wide, of trousers is more important than material. Well with obvious exceptions. I like the look of linen, always looks dressy but casual. But I have some McNutt linen trousers that are almost as thick as tweed.

Summer or Tropical wool works well. I’m told a good fresco or crispAire is great but I don’t need that smooth look.

Summer here is hot. Very hot. Why pretend otherwise. Thin loose linen or cotton. No jacket. I don’t own shorts.

Im surprised how cool (ish) some standard cotton OCBD s are. Linen ones even better. I’ve just in the last year or so gotten a thing for proper loose half sleeved shirts with square bottoms to hang untucked. Hard to find. I don’t like those short sleeved shirts, rather roll up a long sleeve.

Rayon Hawaiian or Party shirts are good.
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