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Hey guys,

As above, well I don't know if that's the proper name for it but I would like to hear your thoughts on making a 3-piece look.

I have a cardigan that I like how it looks and recently added a waistcoat but the fabric looks like a cardigan, well it's exactly this one:


I really liked how it looks.

But if I would like to add some waistcoats… what pattern should I look for?

Fabric pattern? Tattersall!

I have problems with vests/waistcoats because they tend to come in hearty fabrics that look silly under anything more refined. But if you wear a heavy coat over a heavy vest, it gets very warm.
Supposedly buff (a buttery yellow?) and dove gray are the go-to colors for odd vests, but if you want to be sporty, scarlet red or a dark green?
Just The fabric pattern or the waistcoat pattern too?
I'm fascinated by that diagonal opening, but more importantly I realized that the pic of the tattersal vest that I posted has flapped pockets. That makes no sense, and really I don't see the point of any pockets.
I'd encourage avoiding lapels. They are equally pointless and really clutter up the look.
I'm going to hope that this is a waistcoat/vest thread and treat it as such.

Having torn the back of my one loose Goodwill vest last night during an undressing mishap, I'm considering a new one.

For country stuff, all that tattersall, tweed, plaid stuff can come onto play (as tricky as that becomes). But I'm thinking along the lines of the OP, what can be used with a regular worsted two-piece suit?

I'm currently thinking some sort of dark green, like a bottle green where there's a tinge of blue, is the way to go where some color is introduced without making it too hunt club sporty.
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Light gray or white linen are two very versatile ones. Burgundy good. If you want some color, green can be good but limited. Pale yellow or light blue as well.
I'm not sure why, but I shy away from lighter colors. Jewel tones oddly seem more conservative to me, and I easily wear more blues and greens than reds.
The light blue is interesting, but that's a color field where a minor shade difference can really make or break things. I also fear that this would be tricky with the otherwise neutral light blue shirt.
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Ignoring the many imbecilities exemplified above, what of the smaller patterned vest, similar in color, with the larger patterned suit? I'm undecided on whether this bozo got something somewhat right by accident.
I liek it teh Cardigan as third piece-addition to a two-piece suit

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