Creeps who exploit people and business

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Paying $900 a month for rent wouldn't even get you a cupboard to live in over in Australia.

Examples of creeps exploiting low income people

Recently a man rented out a tent on a high rise balcony for almost $400 per month.

Multiple tents found pitched in Melbourne apartments and rented out

Here are more examples of the creeps at work exploting people on low incomes:

A bed under the stairs for £500-a-month - no room to get changed except to stand on your bed:
Woman views London house with a mattress under the stairs for £500-a-month! | Daily Mail Online

Why are creeps able to explot low income Australians? Because greedy people sell houses for so much money that few can afford them anymore and now there is a housing crisis. Chinese demand for housing has also raised prices, but at the end of the day greedy people are using the supply and demand idea to raise prices and cash in for not doing much.

If you have any stories of creeps exploiting people or business, please feel free to share.
The decline of western civilization, so fucking awful.
It is so easy to make money in this world unethically. I could make a fortune selling various services including FOTL solutions/paperwork, but l choose to run my life ethically.

Land ownders in Australia charge massive rents to businesses, BUT they also take a percentage of the profits on top of those rents. See...people are getting rich for not contributing anything of value to people.

Beauocrats also rob business of lots of money for made up fees designed to make the de facto department (read `corporation posing as government') money from useless rules. For eg, if l import sesame into Oz, 95% of my costs are import fees and lab fees. Customs low lives and Dept of Ag low lives rob you, but if you say NO they can still let it through without the fees. Yes, it is a try on to see who will pay and who will call their bluff. Btw, the seeds are sealed and don't need lab testing and phytosanitry certificates etc because they have already been paid to be tested o/s, but the aussie low lives want money for nothing so some creeps get rich.

Then we get local government creeps who expect you to pay for parking on public land via meter parking. I tell them to get stuffed and ask them for proof they own the land and either rent or have bought the land they wish to charge money for me parking on, but they never can. If they say that the Queen owns the land l would say "let me speak to the relevant party (The Queen) and we will see if there is any dispute"....if there is no dispuite l am not paying. The local govt may claim that there is a dispute with the land owner, but l want PROOF that there is a dispute, so tell the Queen (apparent owner of the land, but did she buy the land???) to send me a letter or give me a call at an appointed time l give her for a chat and we will see if she paid for the land in Australia, and we will see if there is any dispute. Even to this day they have never dared to fine me for parking on public land because they know l will tell them to get stuffed and write heaps of scary legal letters. So....when they say l need to pay for parking on the street l say "get stuffed, you don't even own the land".
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