Doghouse's Daily Elite Yacht Instagame Thread

speak for yourself, i was enjoying doghouse doghouse photos

Too much refinement for the Dutch.


May I offer you a business proposal? I need to move a couple of kilos from colombia, personal belonginy, may I use one of your yatchs? my reward will be very handsome and hard to refuse.

Thank you

Best Regards;
The Spic Escobar

I put a bunch of silly hashtags on this one. Or as I call them, the pound sign.

Rain Man should like this, 35kts+ all night, averaged 25kts BSP for 5 hours in 36 foot boat. Passed a CM 60 at dusk and really hurt their feelings.
Shut the fuck up. Why not start your own thread about Telenovelas or dog fighting or lucha libre or other shit white people don't care about?
I don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps you should start one?
9 people? The boat doesn't even look that big.

It's on the lighter side of crew for a boat this size. Anywhere from 9-11 people usually in this range, with newer boats like this typically designed to sail with fewer people.

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