Domestic & International Terrorism

“The Reich Citizens’ Movement has grown parallel to the QAnon movement in Germany during the pandemic, they share many stories and are very closely intertwined.

Germany has the largest non-English speaking QAnon community in the world,”

It's not only Americans getting duped.

"Reichsbürger members believe Germany will soon be liberated from tyranny — not by Donald Trump, but by an alliance including the governments and intelligence services of the United States and Russia."

Soon liberated from an alliance between the States and Russia? That probably won't happen this century given today's political climate.


"Ferrier, a dual citizen of France and Canada, was arrested crossing the border into Buffalo, New York in September 2020. She was carrying a gun, knife and rounds of ammunition."

Must protect the POTUS.
Bugger sent eight of them here, as well. We worked with the FBI to teach cops about the dangers of opening their mail right after that.

"Authorities in Indian-controlled Kashmir tell NBC News that militants trying to annex the region for Pakistan are carrying M4s, M16s and other U.S.-made arms and ammunition that have rarely been seen in the 30-year conflict. A major reason, they say, is a regional flood of U.S.-funded weapons that fell into the hands of the Taliban when U.S.-led NATO forces withdrew from Afghanistan in 2021.

Most of the weapons recovered so far, officials say, are from Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) or Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), both Pakistan-based militant groups that the U.S. designates as terrorist organizations. In a Twitter post last year, for example, police said they had seized an M4 carbine assault rifle after a gunfight that killed two militants from JeM."

I thought the Taliban were going to use it for themselves. I guess they needed to sell it to buy a goat or something...

"There were no weapons or explosives found in the vehicle, officials said. A Nazi flag was reportedly found inside the truck."

New weapon of choice for Nazis - U Haul.
Guess who just got picked up by the FBI in a no knock SWAT raid?


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I came across a bunch of homeless people I wouldn't mind dealt with in the same way on my way home yesterday.

“We will hunt the gangs, we will defeat the gangs,”

“It is an irresponsible immigration policy and a failed integration that has brought us here,”

Bloody immigrants - let's kill them all.

"The gunman is believed to be a Tunisian man who was in Belgium illegally, after his asylum application was rejected in 2020.

He posted a video online saying he had killed people in the name of God and the prosecutor's office believes he was inspired by the Islamic State group."

Ringing endorsement for migrants.

"The US is under pressure from Israel to do something about these attacks but Washington is reluctant to target the Houthi missile sites for fear of widening the Israel-Hamas conflict and triggering retaliation by Iran."

...because the Red Sea counts as the responsibility of the United States of America?
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"The bulk of the firepower came from US jets. The US has an aircraft carrier in the Red Sea, as well as air bases in the region.

US Navy warships fired Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles, which are GPS-guided and can be programmed to fly evasively, the US military says.

While no specific figures have been given for how many missiles were fired, the US says more than 100 precision-guided munitions 'of various types' were used."

Like Russia on a good day.

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