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As above... i don't know if I spelled it correctly but this thread is about wedding attire or outfit. To which I know nothing. So I need your help.

I know that the perfect wedding outfit on SF is a navy suit with a white shirt and a PoW tie. But here's where I need help. I have been invited to my cousins wedding on August 9 so there's plenty of time. The place is in Tabasco, so there is going to be a lot of heat and humidity. I will not go to the church cause I will start a spontaneous combustion so not a lot of fun. Bu then the party is at the bride's home in the garden or something like that. So we are not going to a proper saloon or place for events.

That make me wonder if a suit would be appropiate. And truth is I don't want to invest in a linen suit cause in the City I would not use it regularly. Consider I will have to go MTM or Bespoke cause RTW don't fit my proportions, so i don't consider worth investing $20,000 pesos in a suit that would be used once. So my first guess to try an SC trouser combo.

- Trouser: get one from Luxire in linen in a tan or cream color. This trouser would get a lot more use than a suit.
- Shirt: if blue is ok, I would have that one covered. I have one that is a blend of cotton and linen. If white is needed, Luxire is the option again and what should I get? Pure linen or a blend or a very light cotton?
- SC: I was thinking a good option here is SuitSupply. Get a lightweight SC or maybe linen and would be used a lot more too.
- Tie: I read in SF that shantungs are for summer... if so, I could use the Wu shantung or the Olive one or Icould buy a linen tie I saw in SuitSupply that I liked.
- Shoes: boots are out of the question, I guess. So I'm left with my oxfords, dubmonks and tassels.

Now all of that doesn't matter if it's not proper to go to a wedding with an SC trouser combo.

Thanks for the help!
Probably a bit odd to go to a normal wedding in an odd jacket. I went to one this summer in an odd linen jacket. But there were a lot of members of the Korean style forum there, and they're a lot more fashion forward and a lot less geared toward tradition (as their tradition would have them in han-bok). Another wedding (not one filled with Korean StyFo types), there was one guy in an odd jacket. And it didn't look good. Especially in the pictures. So I guess it depends....will other people be wearing odd jackets?

Why wouldn't you wear a linen suit much? They're amazing. Particularly in navy. I'd get a linen blazersuit. Triple patch pockets (or at least double). You can wear it as an odd jacket most of the time, but throw on the pants for occasional ventures at night. I'm not a fan of navy pants as odd trousers with a jacket, but you could easily wear them just with a white button down in the summer.

Get a linen suit!

Good call on the shantung. Henry Carter has some gorgeous linens at the moment as well.
About the linen suit: temperatures don't get that high here in Mexico City. A lightweight fabric would do the trick. I know a few of the friends of my cousin and their are very "fashun" forward. All of them buy CH, LV and all those things so I would bet that some of them would be in a black suit eventhough they would be roasting in it haha. Would need to check SuitSupply to see what they offer in linen and accept that the trouser would not fit properly.

I remember when I saw a Borrelli linen navy suit. Fuaaaark! Was awesome but it was a 40 so I didn't fit.
Manton has an excellent write-up on wedding attire and the tradition behind it here:


Personally, I think sports coats are fine for informal wear if you know the wedding party well and know what you're doing (which you obviously do ;-D).

I was chatting with Chorn yesterday and I told him I have the vibe that most of the participants of the wedding are going to be in white trousers and not necesarily linen, a "guayabera" which is a linen shirt with short sleeves and going sockless. Cause making a suit just for this wedding is out ofthe question. So I was thinking that if I go with a linen trouser and a linen shirt I will be just fine... but it's not my style. As far as I know the wedding will be past noon and from there the party but at the brides home. I think that just for that reason it screams casual.

So Chorn recommended me to do the smart move which is texture accordance. Don't know if that is the term but basically I need a jacket that makes the statement that I picked a casual outfit. So an unconstructed jacket will serve the purpose. Linen trousers in cream or maybe tan, light blue shirt (I have a linen-cotton blend that would work nice) and a linen (brown) or shantung tie (tan). What do you think?
Sounds good. What sports coat do you have in mind? If the other guests are going to wear shirts, I would pick a sports coat with as little tonal contrast as possible from the shirt (to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb). Light blue would be ideal, but light tan or cream white could also work.

Chorn recomended this one: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jack...start=24&cgid=Jackets&start=0&sz=25&srule=Fit

The color pallete (SC and trouser) would be something similar.

But following your comment, this one could work: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jack...fn1=collection&srule=Fit&prefv1=Spring/Summer

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