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I've posted a few reviews here before that got some good traffic so I figured I'd give my thoughts on Fabletics. I am constantly in search of good athletic gear and they had an intro offer that included half off your first purchase. A lot of stuff was out of stock, but I still went for several items. Here is a link to the imgur album for you visual learners.


Measurements: 6'1, 175 lbs

Sizes: M for all shorts, M Tall (Only Pant, Takeover Pant)


Franchise shorts
. For 1/2 price, I'm glad I picked up several pairs (I went with Navy, Ash, and Bone). I will probably be returning the bone color because they are incredibly see through (you can see the pockets and they stick out). It's more of a stretchy, super thin kind of material, similar to Lulu Pace Breaker shorts. Nice pockets with zippers that can hold a phone no problem. I went unlined, but I believe the lined have a specific phone pocket.

Takeover shorts. These are also great. Material is a bit thicker but they have that cooling towel feel to them which I could use in the heat here in Phoenix.


Takeover pant
. It's made of the same material as the shorts, but pants...Let's be clear, I have skinny legs and these are pretty snug, but not bad.

Going Back

Only Pant.
This is a no for me. It's kind of all over the place. It has belt loops like an ABC or Commission pant, but it's fairly baggy and while the tall inseam was perfect on the Takeover pant, it was way too long on the Only Pant (here i was thinking 32 is 32 always...).

Overall Impressions

Was nice to stock up on some shorts that I needed and the takeover pant was a bonus. Not sure yet how often the takeover will break my rotation as I have a lot of black joggers. The quality and materials seem solid. No loose stitching that I could find, pockets seem well constructed, etc. For 1/2 price, I think it was an overall good deal. But I would not spend $60+ on their shorts, etc. At $30, I think they are worth it, but I have a lulu outlet near me, Hill City is going out of business, Target is getting in the game, so it's going to be hard for them to compete long term. I don't envision many scenarios where I'm going to drop $50/mo to buy less than one pair of shorts. Also, because there are so many places to get decent quality/variety workout shirts for cheap, I skipped on even trying those out.

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to respond.

EDIT: One update. When I attempted to return, I tried to exchange the Bone shorts for a diff color and get a refund on the pants, but the RMA errored out, so I ended up doing a return to my cc for all 3. Was kind of odd but oh well.

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