Fascism & Nazi Watch - 2024

The plot line is straight out of a Brazilian telenovela. Does anybody take these fringe lunatics seriously.
Looks like they finally found a new home outside the dark web, since Iron March shut down:


AWD celebrating Nazi assasinatiin of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg today:


Buried in that text is this little ditty: ''That is because the fascist lives in that world because it is the world that capitalism has created, unfortunately. Capitalism has taught him that weakness is unforgivable, a crime to be punished with abandonment, exile, and death. Because, of course, under capitalism, weakness is worse than useless — it is a liability, a burden, a cost — and so, as in America today, capitalist societies are prone to fascist collapses, as the world becomes a hostile place, which destabilizes people mentally, until all that is left is self-preservation through extreme, savage, and total destruction. Of others, of norms, of values, of democracy itself.''

Neo-Marxist shite. If the USA is utterly contemptible with its death, horror and fascist collapse - why do you foreign pricks choose to live there?

The utter hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. Dog turd upticks all around.
Well what is the market value of weakness then??

The theory that fascism is one response to capitalism in decay or under pressure is hardly new or radical.
Well what is the market value of weakness then??

The theory that fascism is one response to capitalism in decay or under pressure is hardly new or radical.

You've overplayed your hand....bringing in your Neo-Marxist propaganda on the back of your Antifa ''Anti-fascist'' credentials isn't going to give the kudos you need. You're anti-fascist in so far as you're a Commie/Marxist/Socialist/Democratic Socialist. Some of us, however unenlightened or politically naïve we are, consider that the same bad outcome from a flip of a coin.

For my sins, and I am world citizen, and I mean a real world citizen I know the reality in most places, for most people, also the elite and the risks when law and order and corruption and graft take over. I know enough that uncontrolled, open borders is not the answer and we're not all the same. Not all cultures are equal, or effective, in a specific time and place. Some can be extremely effective in usurping the status quo on account of aggressiveness and lawlessness. That includes killing lots of people as in Mexico and Central America.

As for the market value of ''weakness'' as you so eloquently put it, pretty much nought in most cultures. The West has been absolute best in looking after its weak people. Or are you going to put forward the position that weakness is strength?
It’s bizarre how antifascism triggers these sort of illogical responses.

So you seem to reject economic causes, why don’t you tell us what you think are the causational factors that lead to the growth in fascist movements?
There's historic fascism in Europe and South America, the very real Islamist fascism globally and the fantasy that some in-bred hill-billies who have strayed from the Georgia swamps - all 3 of them - are a danger to American, or world democracy.

We know where your heightened focus resides.
I updated the thread title as it was confusing the shit out of me with the antifa thread. Open to suggestions on it.

Also, healthy debate is very welcome but lets try to keep it from getting too personal in here.
Pimp Smith, clearly, who for some reason finds the need to ignore the idea of the discussion of modern fascism with an interjection of "boooooring".

Though I think he's a Tommy Robinson fan, whose supporters were recently making nazi salutes during rallies in central London. Lovely people.
Pimp Smith, clearly, who for some reason finds the need to ignore the idea of the discussion of modern fascism with an interjection of "boooooring".

Though I think he's a Tommy Robinson fan, whose supporters were recently making nazi salutes during rallies in central London. Lovely people.

I just don't want the forum to become a playpen for self-style urban guerilla bash the fash Antifa types, which was one of the elements that wrecked FNB.

Since you declare my fandom: My view on Tommy Robinson is that he should stick to his citizen journalism and commentary. Any street movement he is involved is going to be sabotaged with agent provocateurs and will damage some the just causes he has spoken out againt i.e. the grooming gangs. He is a secondary symptom of the problems in the UK, I'm with Maajid Nawaz on this, the deliberate silence and cowardly inaction of the authorities made a Tommy Robinson figure inevitable. His recent incarceration with a kangaroo court was straight out of the Soviet rule book and whether you like or loathe him, that was a very sinister action by the justice system in not following due process of a fair trial.

Every year I get a security brief for Europe. By far the largest number of terrorist acts carried out are consistently by hard Left Communist and Anarchist groups. The most deadly of course are by Islamists. In comparison to what is going on by the other organized groups, so called Right wing fanatics are hardly organized and when they do hit the headlines it's generally mentally ill loners not part of wider conspiracy. So I can't get off on the bash the fash virtue signalling game. Like most normal people I am resolutely against fascism in all it's guises. But I am not going to pretend there's a right wing fascist takeover imminent in Europe to gain some kudos when I know the real threat is not from these groups. I focus where the action is, not isn't.
One of four central Illinois men allegedly involved in an anti-government militia group that "uses guerilla warfare tactics" to take back America will plead guilty, the I-Team has learned.


Indicating a growing threat from far-right extremism in the country, figures released on Thursday show a total of 351 arrests were made over the past year until June where terrorism-related activity was suspected, with 133 of
them white and 129 recorded as Asian ethnic appearance.

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Oklahoma Police Chief Who Lost Job Because of Neo-Nazi Ties Gets Hired for New Police Job

Bart Alsbrook resigned from his job as the then interim police chief of Colbert, Oklahoma a year ago after a local TV station uncovered videos where Alsbrook “is shown selling racist media online and talks his involvement in a skinhead group named Blood and Honour and a neo-Nazi group called Combat 18.”

Soon after Alsbrook got the Colbert police chief job, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified him in an image in “Blood & Honour: The Way Forward,” a “a future-facing manifesto authored by a member one of the largest networks of organized racist skinheads in the world.” Blood & Honour is, according to the SPLC, “a shadowy international coalition of racist skinhead gangs.”

“My life is utterly destroyed, there’s nothing left,” Alsbrook told KXII.

Not only was his life not utterly destroyed, his career in policing wasn’t either. Alsbrook was recently hired by the nearby Achille police department as a reserve officer. “Everyone has a past, some of which they may not be proud of, of which he is not. He wishes he never had those connections,” the town’s police chief Christopher Watson told KXII.

“The media and cameras have ruined that man’s name enough,” Watson told another local station.

Rich white kids and GWOT veterans into Satanic Fascist death cult responsible for five murders so far (and production of WMDs). Hollywood are going to jump on this soon.

Technically, Erdogan probably doesn’t meet the definition of fascist, but he is an utter piece of shite and not far off.
Turkish joke:

A prisoner goes to the jail's library to borrow a book. The librarian says: "We don't have this book, but we have its author".
Italian neo-Nazi Gets 12 Years in Prison for Shooting African Migrants
Luca Traini, 29, found guilty of attempted massacre aggravated by racial motives and illegal possession of a weapon


COLLEGE PARK, Md. — The Internal Revenue Service has reinstated the tax-exempt status of a nonprofit operated by white nationalist Richard Spencer, who has been banned from using mainstream online platforms to raise money


(MENAFN) On Monday, German forces detained six persons defendant of establishing a far-right terrorist organization and planning to attack foreigners.


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