Fashionable Cartoon Characters of the 20th Century

Russell Street

King Of The Trolls

Left to right, from top: Rudy Davis (Fat Albert), Fred Jones (Scooby Doo), Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales, etc.), Tomax, Cobra Commander, Xamot (GI Joe)
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Okay, I clearly made a mistake in posting unlabeled images and assuming we all had some common upbringing. I'll amend this.
luke cage, because fuck you all
Perfectly matching metals, pants too tight, shirt too baggy:laugh1:
How has no one brought up Clark Kent or Lex Luthor?
Ooh, Superfriends falls in the right century. Did the other Daily Planet staff appear there? The editor and cub reporter were sort of spiffy IIRC.


Look at that collar roll!

Neat lapels, seems the scarf matches the pocket square?
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Nearly forgot Mr Benn. Famous for wearing a wide range of costume, he always defaulted back to his neat stroller'n'bowler city gent uniform.

I don't recall this one, had to look it up.

Good trench coat, belt cavalierly tied. Is that a tab collar? Are those spats under the trouser cuff?
Yeah, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen!

Is Clark Kent wearing a cravat whilst drinking an espresso???
He's also got a pocket square and a one-button cuff - I don't remember Clark Kent every looking so stylish when I read Superman as a kid.

How could I forget Mandrake! Some creative white tie going on here.


Ah, Mandrake - I remember getting a whole lot of old comics from an old book sale when I was a kid and there were a lot of Phantom and Mandrake comics amongst them. I loved both of them. Mandrake was written by Lee Falk (who also wrote the Phantom) for some years, but for some reason Mandrake always seemed to be better written than the Phantom.
My vote would go to Mr. Tawky Tawny of the old Captain Marvel Series. Any guy who rocks plaid jackets, pocket squares and bowties and is a f*cking tiger into the bargain has got take the prize.

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