Fast Times vs Ferris Bueller

Fast Times at Ridgemont High vs Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  • Fast Times

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  • Ferris Bueller

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The fuck is wrong with you people. Quit suckling on nostalgia's teat, re-watch them, and honestly tell me you enjoyed Bueller more than Fast Times.
HB's vote counts as 11; just so we're all clear here, Fast Times is running away with this one.
I forgot about Mike Damone. He kinda wants to make me shift my opinion on this.
In the end, I'll be happy if this thread gets a lot of people to rewatch (or watch for the first time) Fast Times. I saw FB for the first time in middle school (late 90s) and Fast Times in high school (00's) and I liked FB more. I saw FT again in college and watched them both recently and was shocked at how much I still enjoyed FT while most of my appreciation of FB was rooted in nostalgia.
Ferris is a total Mary Sue, the character has no depth or real interest whatsoever. He's just this wonder-kid coasting through a purposeless life. His struggle is cutting school for heaven's sake. The bland upper-middle class lead trio exhibit a range of personality and complexity that slots right between an average episode of Seinfeld and Friends. The stars of the movie are his sister, Principal Rooney, and of course the Charlie Sheen Carlos Estevez cameo. And the car. Cite a memorable scene featuring just the three leads...:scratchhead:

Spicolli's scenes with Mr. Hand alone trump the full Bueller movie. They effectively blend absurdist fantasy with relatable life scenarios in a hilarious manner. The angst and awkwardness of teen years is captured, as opposed to some doofy Hollywood version of a fantasy ditch day. I'm not a huge fan of Fast Times, but it easily surpasses Bueller as both art and comedy.
Well when they make a movie of my life, I'd probably want those bits left out too, tbh.

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