Awful Tie Aficionado
sometimes they are so bad they are good; perhaps the most elite sprezz ; rumor has it that mariano rubinacci even requests his jackets made this way. please post your favorites, especially bespoke examples. In my opinion the royals do it best :
Tom Ford's masterpiece A Single Man was a new high watermark for the collo americano:


"Oh, dear God it's awful... he sells suits for $6k a pop to people like Cocksakie, could he not get one to fucking fit me?"


"Jesus, how depressing - I even have collo americano on my shirts..."


"I love the collo americano so much I've made it my signature in real life, along with sub-elite slots!"
i feel you guys are missing the point. I am posting guys who look great and wear beautiful bespoke clothes despite the collo. they don't always rock the collo, but its sometime appearance is proof they really don't give a fuck, why would they bother to return the suit to the tailor or adjust for the camera or buy new clothes when they get too old, these guys just live :
Whenever I see one, I always hear this song with the words collo americano in the chorus and start dancing. If I had more time I would remix the song and make a music video with all the famous colli and proud collo wearers.

No picture, but head hebrew Netanyahu rocked a wicked collo americano in his erroneous holocaust speech yesterday.
eliod - just shows there are worse things than collo americano - that bloke looks sharp
The Ivy Bush...




The collo americano was embraced by both sides of politics...


Oh for the days when politicians dressed like people of worth rather than like the bums that elect them...
Fxh quit? Kojo we know about that is why I say "peace be upon him" because he has martyred himself from the forum and gone to paradise now.
Was at an engagement party Saturday night. No way to surreptitiously take any pics, but there was some fantastic collo americano going on.
I saw at least 3 of these during a hockey game last night.

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