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He's totally amazing. He still has a million dollar reward up for anyone who can prove something paranormal.

On his own, he's responsible for convincing me this is all a bunch of hooey.

Let me find when he exposes the evangelist on Carson.
james randi needs to train a successor. he is one of the greatest debunkers around. i remember the james hydrick episode back in the day where he was exposed and just BLOWING the telephone book pages, which in a bit of foreshadowing leads us to this:

Wanted on an outstanding warrant, Hydrick was apprehended after police saw him discussing psychic powers on the Sally Jessy Raphael talk show. In 1989, Hydrick was sentenced to 17 years for molesting five boys in Huntington Beach, California. After serving his sentence, he was remanded to Atascadero State Hospital for treatment under the state’s sexually violent predator law. He now resides at the Coalinga State Hospital. Hydrick petitioned for release in May 2013, but a trial resulted in a hung jury.
I had the same thought. The guy is very old and has done people a great service.

Never knew that guy was a pedo, but he sure had a pedo haircut in that video.
The JREF (James Randi Education Forum, or some such name) is a great resource, too.

I've got a friend who is a very ardent conspiracy theorist - he believes that the 9/11 attacks were deliberately engineered by the US government, which was (and is) controlled by a shadowy group of "the world's 30 richest families" so as to provide an excuse for the US to invade Afghanistan so as to plunder its mineral wealth and for the US to invade Iraq so as to secure its oil. He then predicted that the 2008 global financial crisis was deliberately manufactured by the richest families so as to create a crisis so that the current world order would collapse, causing chaos and crisis, so that governments controlled by the wealthiest families could institute martial law. He also said that things like swine flu and ebola (or alternatively, vaccines for these diseases) was a deliberate plot to largely depopulate the world.

The JREF web site provided me with plenty of info with which to respond to his crazy theories.

It didn't change his mind one bit, of course, but at least I tried to persuade him with logical, rational arguments.
A local mentalist on the radio had a live conversation with Uri Geller

He spoke of how Johnny Carson set him up. Duh, exposed his bullshit. But, he said he was sitting in his hotel room getting ready to go back to Israel and Merv Griffin called and wanted him in his show. His conclusion, there is no bad publicity.

He also talked about being a psychic spy for governments. Or rather when asked, he unsubtlely said "no comment"

He still is the massive self-promoter that he always was
Art Bell was great. I was in a cab with a colleague and somehow the conversation got into Art. After a bit the cab driver chimes in with his thick Lebanese accent.

"Crazy motherfucker say he live on secret colony on Mars. Art Bell talk to him like he normal. Fucking crazy shit! Loved that show"
Doesn't that Bell guy broadcast from a desert location with all kinds of weird deflect the government radar tin foil?
Doesn't that Bell guy broadcast from a desert location with all kinds of weird deflect the government radar tin foil?
Yup, presumably had a giant antenna out by his home in desolate Pahrump, NV home.
That what was always so great about Bell, he would let these people ramble on and show their insanity. noory is a dumb hack.
Bingo. Fascinating kooks lined up to call in to Bell. This Noory douche is scouting out semi-respectable authors and shit nobody cares about. The calls are clearly screened too. Way to screw up the formula.
Ugh... who would want this product after doing that?

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Look at this asshole. 203 pounds for a 3 minute ride.

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