Game of Thrones

Episode was a little plodding. I liked how they nailed the smug certainty of Jojen. The scenes with the wife were all boring as shit.
Yeah it was. They're progressing the Thoros storyline a bit slowly, but otherwise, it was good. Was the dead horse display in the books?
Not that I recall.

I thought something was fucked with my torrent when the music started right before the end. But I've been waiting for that scene all episode.

it was. they've already released the repack.
^ +1

Good episode. "he'd burn the whole place just to rule over the ashes" is in my quote bank permanently.
You knew the burning was going to happen, but she surprised us with knowing the language and the shit that dude was calling her all along.
I thought the ending was superb, both kids being told the score like that. Papa is heading for trouble.

Khalissi fancies that soldier. Its been too long since we've seen her neked.
Finally got last night's episode. The pool scene was excellent. The look on Brienne's face during the whole thing made the scene.
I wouldn't expect nakedness on that front.

How about this "front"?

Liked the episode. Rambo probably didnt like the episode

:fu: I liked it. Nothing too much happened. I know they split the book into 2 seasons, but I'm wondering if they couldn't have just condensed it into a long season, like 16 episodes. Some of the scenes are just dragging along. Or maybe I just don't remember how plodding some of it seemed while I was reading the book.
Ya, I don't really get the torture thing, escape, back, more torture. Just where is that going?
he's the son of a stark ally. He is avenging the "deaths" of bran and rickon

I don't want to say more just in case.

Not exactly:

Yes, Reek's a Stark bannerman. But he's revealed to just be a twisted little shit who enjoys torturing people and wants to get back into daddy's good graces because he's a bastard.
Good episode. Kingslayer is becoming more palatable. Graybeard can't catch a break.
They're doing a great job with the Jaime character. The scenes with Brienne were fantastic. The rest of the ep was more character fleshing, but still good overall. Lovely ass on that woman.
Nothing much happened there. Tyrion was great at the wedding. Cercei is such a cunt. "My father once said.." "No one cares what your father once said."
I'm with III on this. Plus, redheads over blondes in the premium department.

Even more pussy for me. But this is not about hair color. I'll fuck red heads, brunettes, blondes. This is about weird chicks with tattoos, nipple piercings, dark personalities and blue hair.

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