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"So researchers have turned their attention to finding out what does make us happy, and have come up with a rather eclectic mix of findings. Living in neighbourhoods which are aesthetically appealing and have lots of green space has been correlated with happiness. So too has having good parents. Extroverts are generally found to be happier than neurotics.

Meanwhile people who attend religious services on a regular basis are on average found to be happier than others, the key reason being the sense of a supportive community people get in religious congregations. And one of the most intriguing findings that keeps popping up in studies is that conservatives tend to be happier than liberals. But there’s probably no prize for the discovery that people are happiest in climates with mild winters and pleasant summers – no doubt the reason the Mediterranean remains the planet’s most popular holiday destination."

Conservative people are happier than liberals? That's why those Iranian clergymen are so happy all the time.

"So it’s not money itself which makes us happier, but what money enables us to do. A lot of the connection between rich countries and average happiness appears to come down to richer countries being able to provide their citizens with more of the support, like health care and unemployment insurance, that reduces overall anxiety, and thus enables us to relax more and enjoy life. That may be why Americans are on average less happy than Europeans, despite being richer: Their welfare state is less kind."

The welfare state makes Europeans happier than Americans? High taxes aren't a killjoy?

“Even as a young boy growing up in Toronto, Christopher Cantlon would govern himself with a meticulous sense of propriety. If his mother wanted to go to the store, he’d insist on changing into a collared shirt first.

Doesn’t everyone on this forum do that?

“Later, as a high school teacher, he continued in the same punctilious manner, arriving every day in a jacket and tie.”

My uni mate is a teacher and has always followed this. He says it helps with elementary school students. Well, maybe not the snotty kindergarten class he had for a few years.

"There are more private security guards than police officers in South Africa"

"The vast majority of South Africans cannot afford these services but feel equally failed by the police. So they often form their own self-help groups - militias and vigilantism is thriving in those communities."

More guns = more safety.

"'If you are going to think about conscription you need to look widely, and look at other countries like Finland, a country with a very small professional army of about 20,000 - but which can expand its forces to about 280,000 through mobilisation,' he said. 'And the way they do it is universal male conscription starting at 18.'

Women are encouraged to volunteer, he said. Soldiers who go no further than private will do six months conscription, specialists nine months, officers do 11 months."

I thought war was going to be conducted with kids sitting on their couches using PS5 controllers attached to drones? How many aged 18-30 are fit to serve?

"They have a reserve commitment up until the age of about 50, 60 for officers, where they are required to go back and do a number of training days every year so they are ready and able to expand those forces, he said."

60? Do they send prescription medication up to the front lines?

"Ms Love found the wolves have altered immune systems similar to cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment, but more significantly she also identified specific parts of the animals' genetic information that seemed resilient to increased cancer risk.

A lot of research in humans has found mutations that increase cancer risk - with the presence of the variant BRCA gene making it more likely a woman might develop breast or ovarian cancer, for example.

But Ms Love's work has sought to identify protective mutations that increase the odds of surviving cancer."

Get me some mutant Chernobyl wolf genes!

"Hochul is ordering a force of nearly 1,000 people, comprised of 750 National Guard members, state police and MTA officers, to conduct bag checks at some of the busiest stations."

Do they carry assault rifles like in Germany? I have to wonder how much more effective a National Guardsman is compared to a police or transit enforcement officer at checking bags.

"'So basically, if you assault someone on the subways, you won’t be on the subways,' she said. 'And a judge will now have the power to make sure that for at least three years they’ll have the ability to keep you off the subways.'"

Yes - this is a deterrent for people who slash people or push them on to the tracks. No subway for you.

"According to Statista, Canadian alcohol consumption has decreased 8 per cent since 2008, with millennials drinking less than previous generations and Gen Z-ers reducing their intake even more"

Not sure about millennials but Gen Z is definitely drinking a lot less - cost and the incessant need to glow doing selfies in your early morning or late night yoga/workout sessions.

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