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We wanted to start a nice deal aggregation, where everyone can post any good deals they stumble on across the many web services that showcase such things. So, if you find anything post them here.
MacHeist has a bundle of Mac Apps for $10, with $1 going to charity. It includes Fantastical, Clean My Mac, and PathFinder. An excellent deal for all of those, plus 7 other apps.
Clothes, man. Clothes. I want clothes. Ties. Mostly ties. Post tie deals.
Threads like that are for the community to update and share.

No, I meant that whoever posts it should have an interest in continually updating it themselves, members aside.

Also, we could use this thread as a way for forum members to share Ebay auctions too for now. Once the forum grows enough, we could make a separate thread to prevent clutter.

This I don't like. Then we're gonna get people in here just to post up their stupid eBay auctions.
Rambo this is a forum and updates will happen organically. I'm sure whoever creates that thread would participate.

Yes, thank you Dr.

I meant I want someone who was particularly interested in sussing out good clothing deals and posting them here.
How do you fin good deals on eBay? I'm very new to eBay... so I only know some vendors, but I've seen people that get some pretty sick deals. Do they spent a whole day finding them?
Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Well, you could use custom searches for your sizes, or things you're looking for. Or you could troll SF for things people post up. Or you could just use Spoo as an eBay pimp.
Grand Potentate Grand Potentate mostly I have bought from Spoo, one SC on eBay the other two items I made an offer before the went on eBay, cause I haven't won again. On SF, it's so dam hard to find, becuase I have to go post by post. Haha.
You could get the U for $160 after 20% coupon at Bed Bath. Have to pay tax, but its not bad. And it would qualify for the rebate as the original price is $199
The Starbucks iOS app pick of the week is Clear, the well reviewed to-do list app. Normally $5. Open the Starbucks app and it should be one of the messages.
Mac SuperBundle w/ Parallels 8, MacBluRay, RapidWeaver $50. Exp May 15

This is a pretty good deal for $50. Parallels8, RapidWeaver, and Mac Bluray make it worth it.
These deals alternate different software and this is a pretty good bundle. The last one had Roxio toast.

Use the above link

For just $49, you get an amazing bundle of nine apps, starting with the award-winning Parallels Desktop 8. Also included: TextExpander, the powerful website builder RapidWeaver 5, Circus Ponies Notebook, MacGo BluRay Player, PDF to Word Converter for Mac, Tidy Up, Font Explosion, and Hyperbolic Smart Trash. All titles are the latest and full versions.

Purchased separately, this collection would cost over $400; you can buy them all today for just $49. The Mac SuperBundle is a limited-time offer that expires on May 15.
Cross post:

Surrender To Chance is having a Memorial Day sale -
Happy Memorial Day!!! To celebrate we are having a two-day sale with the entire store 15% off until midnight (CST) on Tuesday, May 28th. It's the perfect time to try all of the brand new fragrances we have in the store (and we have tons)!! Enter Remember to save 15%.
Yes. Didn't realize Sonos doesn't have a battery or Bluetooth. Would like to have portability on the beach or golfing even if it means sacrificing sound quality. The Big Jambox sounds pretty damn good.

Why not a cheapie bluetooth speaker for portability and the Sonos in house? This is on sale in store at Fry's for $50: page:P4_FRI date:051713

Gets decent reviews. Plus, if you fuck it up on the golf course/beach, its not the end of the world.

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