Grand Potentate’s Standup Comedy Appreciation Thread

finally saw the new Patton Oswalt special. it really blew. fatherhood has made him boring as shit, as opposed to Louie CK, who seems to only have benefited by it.
The Just For Laughs Festival has been slowly releasing old clips from shows up to 30 years ago. All the great comics doing old bits. Worth checking out if you're bored and want to laugh:

Apparently, there's a new Eddie Izzard special, Force Majeure. Wish I knew about these things.
I've been watching old Dean Martin roasts. Holy shit, they were hilariously racist. Its amazing. You couldn't get through 1/10th of that without the PC police climbing down your throats now.
the new patton oswalt special on netflix was mediocre at best.

john mulaney's special from 2015 was pretty funny. you have to enjoy his style but its worth a watch if you do.

working on the new jim jefferies special now.
Stand up comedy is best in person. Nothing beats seeing live stand up at clubs like the comedy cellar. Watching stand up on tv just doesn't do it for me.

I like comedians in cars getting coffee if you haven't seen it yet, but I'm a big fan of Seinfeld. Apparently curb your enthusiasm is coming back for a new season as well
just wasted the last hour watching old comedy clips. this one of Don Rickles had me rolling

its amazing how far political correctness has brought us backwards in terms of being able to talk about race.

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