Health advice you should heed...


Comes off as a condescending prick

"... zero alcohol is the only risk-free approach. If you must drink at all, two drinks maximum each week is deemed low-risk by the government-backed guidance. The advice is a steep drop from the previous recommendation, published in 2011. Those guidelines allowed a maximum of 10 drinks a week for women and 15 drinks for men."

"According to the CCSA, any more than two standard drinks - each the equivalent of a 12-ounce (341ml; 0.6 pints) serving of 5% alcohol beer or a five-ounce (142ml; 0.26 pints) glass of 12% alcohol wine - brings an increase in negative outcomes, including breast and colon cancer"

"'I think it's very new information for the public that at three standard drinks per week, the risk for head and neck cancers increases by 15%, and further increases with every additional drink.'"

Zero drinks preferable. 2 drinks a week max. Or you start getting the cancers. Photographs of cancer suffering humans will be plastered on your next bottle of Moet, pinot grigio, or Lagavulin. If you upgrade to the limited edition, the photograph will be smaller and on the bottom of the bottle.
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