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Eating his po boy w/oyster,petrosyan caviar,& gold
we all know how everybody dresses nowadays, at least most of us, but what about before? Since i dont give a shit about it, i will post a photo of how i used to dress a couple of years back.

Gingham lavender shirt, navy shawl collar sweater, and black jeans iirc. And my hajji look

One on the right

Looks OK in a teenager way.

Are you a naturally neat and smart person in presentation? That's what I assume from the above pic.

Apropos of this I picked up some high definition photos A4 size showing mens clothing in Melbourne in 1880 and pleased.
Thanks! Neat sure, smart depending with who I am. Sadly I can't do that in a forum or the internets.
I only had one pair of shoes (black). Rockport. Square toed. I wore it till the leather was peeling off at the tip of the toes. I didn't even hem one pair of trousers properly, just folded the cuff up and hoped the fold would stay. Most of my clothing were gifts from family - so a lot of Sears quality stuff. I wore a shirt and trousers to work - business casual. Black was often worn. Shirts were baggy and sleeves were often too long. My winter coats were all made of synthetic material including a black faux leather one knee length. I hadn't a clue how to tie a tie. I usually asked my father to helped me on the special occasions. On the weekends I didn't wear jeans or anything trendy. Mostly it was polo shirts (I golfed a lot) and cotton trousers.

I had two suits - one solid three button black one that I bought for a funeral in my uni days from Tip Top (my mother bought it for me) and I think something I bought from Harry Rosen - Hugo Boss, also black but with goldish pinstripes for $1500 in 2003. 2 button, though, but the lapels were pretty big. Sales associate paired me a 4" Canali tie.

I think I bought one Hugo Boss three button single jacket after that - blue herringbone. And then my mother thought she got me a deal with this Jones New York yellow with blue windowpane at 40 (I was probably 38 at that time). But I kept growing and eating.

Then I went to work in the City of London and everything started changing - especially when I went from 40 jacket size was tight to 36 size is okay. That's around when I spent a lot of time after work lurking AAAC and SF. And then when I got back (why not when I was a few underground stops away from Savile Row and lived rent free next to the Tower of London will be beyond me) - I started assembling my wardrobe. Did the same as everyone and bought too many eccentric one offs and rubbish too quickly (Yay Zara! H&M!).
I never owned a pair of squared toe shoes. First I used to wear skater shoes, after that I went for plimsoils/sneakers and well I still wear them. Boat shoes is something that I enjoy wearing nowadays, not those awful sperry top siders.
You do look more Arabic in that picture than Hispanic. Time to kop a turban.

I need to dig up some pics of how I used to dress. My style hasn't change that much except the addition of gothninja and putting on weight.
I get that a lot, shaved or not shaved, and if im in the suit even more for some reason. In spain when i went in the metro i parted the sea of people as if i was moses himself. Also i have gotten people that starts talking to me in heathen language, go figure. Even if it hasnt changed much, thats the idea of the thread.
Even then you atill were a gym rat lol. I never went through that phase since they dont sell that shit in sa, all i wore was lacoste and nautica lol.
I started messing around the gym around that time too. I had a brief stint working as a sales associate and A&F, everything was 50% discounted. I went through a Lacoste phase after I discovered GQ.
This is a great idea for a thread. I would like to witness others' transformation and compare it to my own journey.

Also, almost every Hispanic person I know thinks the dreaded chinstrap is "cool." My roommate in college was Colombian and his entire family had one. I don't fucking get it.
Really? I have been to colombia a lot, never seen one with one tbh.
Probably, i have no idea. I cant grow a full beard anyways. It also gives me that touch of spressatura.
Also, almost every Hispanic person I know thinks the dreaded chinstrap is "cool." My roommate in college was Colombian and his entire family had one. .

Entire family! I don't know if I'd like it on the women though.
In many cases, if you ask what I was wearing 5,10, 15 years ago, the answer is stuff that is still in my closet.

In essence, that is really smart investment. I think MC is much easier to be timeless. On the other hand, I will wait and see if I still can rock the Rick in 5 years.
Actually, today I have on an A&F bridle belt that I think is from ~1991. They had a weird great period where they were trying to do sort of a Banana Republic office clothing thing. I still have a tie of theirs from then too.
IIRC A&F used to carry high quality casual wear once upon a time. Now it's just strangely overpriced beachwear.
Started in the late 1890's as a high end outfitter. Think LL Bean for the elite. Rifles, fishing rods, clothing and gear. Went belly up in the mid-70's and the name was bought by some sporting goods outfit and run in similar fashion until they sold it in the late 80's and it became the shite we know today

The good years

Then this:
Dammit, Wikipedia used to have a more detailed history of the transition. Around 1987 or so was the one time I remember going into the tony original A&F in the spendy Mall at Short Hills in NJ. They had game tables and probably croquet sets and corny stuff like that. Around 1990 or so it was a different animal with a store in the less rich Menlo Park Mall. The store had a faux upscale Victorian men's club atmosphere with dark wood paneling and stuff and they sold legit, properly sized, dress shirts and stuff. The shopping bags were dark rose paper with a cream text box, rope handles. Not the gay porn of today. There was no awful music and my stodgy parents went in there without concern. Within a few years they started doing "big" clothes and pre-distressed things and I lost interest and within a few years it was the teen brand. Anyway, here's the evidence from my closet of that odd period. I have no idea what the labels started looking like afterward but look, Gentleman's Clothiers, Country Clothes, Expert Craftsmanship!!! Hong Kong knits and the tie is hand made in Italy. Note that this was likely before the transition to almost all mass market stuff being made in China thanks to bad legislation.
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