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Alright, lets get started with a tutorial on how the media gallery operates. A couple of things to point out before we get started:

-we are running on a shared hosting setup and DO NOT have unlimited storage space or processing capability. because of this, there are limits on the size of the images and videos you can upload. if you're a photographer, please pare down your images in size and dimension. places like 500px flickr are for your RAW images, not the forum.

-videos uploaded to the server cannot be processed with a thumbnail due to the restrictions on our hosting capabilities. that means whenever you upload a video its going to show a grey square with the three dots in it. That means proper titles and labels are extra important when uploading a video. I cannot stress this enough - if you don't have proper titles you are not going to be able to tell your videos apart.

-To get the requisite hosting we'd need to allow for full functionality, we're looking at roughly $15 more per month, minimum. if after using the gallery you decide its great and would like to fund the forum to allow full function, please let us know.

On to the tutorial:

First, the media gallery is location in the navigation bar under MEDIA:

media 1.png

This will bring you to the media page, where you can see all the current media, along with the albums users have created. To add media, click on the ADD MEDIA button:

media 2.png

In the ADD MEDIA page you can select whether to add the media to a CATEGORY or an ALBUM:

media 3.png

media 4.png

If no album exists that you find suitable, you can add an album as shown above. When you click on CREATE AN ALBUM, this popup will show up:

media 5.png

This allows you to select who can see your album and who can add media to your album. You can share media amongst your friends with the CUSTOM USERS option. The difference between MEMBERS ONLY and EVERYONE is MEMBERS ONLY keeps unregistered members (guests) from viewing the media whereas EVERYONE allows guests to view it. For the purposes of this example we're going to use MEMBERS ONLY:

media 6.png

Now that we've created the album we can move on to adding images or videos:

media 7.png

Choose UPLOAD IMAGE and select the image you'd like to add. Here I added a lovely image of leaves:

media 8.png

This is where you upload the image's title and description. These are VERY IMPORTANT, as outlined in the preface of this tutorial. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THEM IN, or at the very least, add a title.

To upload a video, the process is the same - hit the UPLOAD VIDEO button:

media 9.png

Again, its even more important to add a title to the video since we don't have the capability to add thumbnail stills to the videos at this time. All you will see is the grey square with three dots pictured above.

To embed a YOUTUBE video, add the link like so:

media 10.png

YouTube embeds automatically generate thumbnails but still need to have titles and descriptions added in.

For the remainder of this example, lets upload the video Conchita already added to the gallery and give it a proper title and description:

media 11.png

Part 2 will continue with what to do once you've added media and how to use the social features of the media gallery addon.


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Ok, now that we've added in media to our album we can start to share it on the forum. This is what the your album page will look like once you've added in media to it:

media 12.png

You see you can ADD MEDIA from the album page, comment on the media, or rate it. Now, lets get to using it on the forum. When you're ready to add it into a post, you'll see the CAMERA ICON in the editor:

media 13.png

Click on that and it will popup showing your album and available media to add:

media 14.png

You see this is where the lack of thumbnails is an issue, so don't forget to add in those proper titles! Lets select our Asian Lady video:

media 15.png

You see the media shows the title and allows you to see the information of the album and uploader.

Now that that's over, lets get back to using the media gallery functions. On the individual media page you can access some editing features:

media 16.png

The functions are labeled above.

If we were to add media to a category, such as PICTURES, it would look like this:

media 17.png

To show an example of the LIGHTBOX feature, I've activated it below:

media 18.png

This can be helpful for looking at a lot of images at once. You can also access information on the pictures via the INFORMATION tab:

media 19.png

All media can be commented on, so lets take a look at how that functions. Going back to the video we uploaded earlier, I've added in a comment to the comment section:

media 20.png

The comment features work the same as a regular post, so you can add in smilies and bbcode functions. Once you post your comment it will show like this:

media 21.png
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