How To Use The Multi-Quote System

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Using the Multi-Quote System:

When you want to add more than one quote to a reply and don't want to scroll up and down the page repeatedly hitting the quote button, or the posts you to quote span across more than one page, you can use the Multi-Quote feature to accomplish this. Its extremely easy to do. Within each post on the bottom right is a +Multi-Quote button located between the Like and the Quote button, as shown here:

Multi-Quote 1.png

When you click that, the system informs you that the post has been added to the Multi-Quote queue:

Multi-Quote 2.png

For each post you want to quote, simply click the +MultiQuote button to add it to the queue. You'll notice in the quote that I just added to Multi-Quote, that the button has changed. Its no longer +MultiQuote but is now instead -Quote. That's because you can add and remove quotes how you see fit, and in whatever order you like. When you hit the -Quote button, you're notified that the post has been removed from Multi-Quote:

Multi-Quote 3.png

So, once you've gotten your quotes together and are ready to reply to the thread, simply scroll down to the Quick Reply box and you'll notice the Insert Quotes button, highlighted here:

Multi-Quote 4.png

Click that, and it brings up the Multi-Quote review menu:

Multi-Quote 5.png

Here, you can rearrange the order of the quotes as you see fit, by dragging and them up and down the list. Here I've rearranged the order:

Multi-Quote 6.png

You can also remove quotes from this box by hitting the Remove button to the right of each quote, highlighted here:

Multi-Quote 7.png

Then, hit Quote These Messages, and they will be applied to the Quick Reply box:

Multi-Quote 8.png

And there you have it.
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